Developing a city called Denissia, right to Freetabourgh in Commonia

Posted by theruler on 12 May 2018 in English (English)

I want help to build a big city in the town of Denissia, on the right side of Freetabourgh, near District of Denissia Airport. If you could help, it could be a good thing.

Location: Westside Connector, Freetabourgh, Thornbridge, Lower Thoraqua, Commonia

Comment from LemonKing on 14 May 2018 at 07:15

Hi theruler,

nice start! I can help you, but please specify what kind of help you need – and pay attention to some issues.

You have created a lot of details in the few first days. I hope you don't mind me saying but the speed is very visible in your mapping style. Streets could be more parallel, buildings could be more rectangular. Please use the rectangle tool to make buildings more realistic.

Railways should have smooth curves. preferably with several hundred meters radius, to be realistic. Is the rail really supposed to be a big bridge, or is it a mistake? Should the rail connect to other railways near by, or do you want it to remain a closed system?

I can start helping by smoothing out the rail curves a bit, let's see how it looks like.

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