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OpenGeofiction Tutorial for Beginners proposal

Posted by theruler on 22 February 2020 in English (English). Last updated on 23 February 2020.

Hello everyone. I have this idea for beginners in OpenGeofiction that when they first create their account, they get shown a tutorial. This shows them a few rules, a little info, and a map with the blue territories in them. I hope this makes it clear for them on how OGF works without having to click on the wiki which they probably don’t know too much of. I hope this reduces the risk of out-of-the-blue mapping and reduces i-don’t-know beginners.

Image GIF

This video/gif shows how I would imagine doing such a thing. I hope it proves much help. I’m up for creating it.

A proposal for blue countries.

Posted by theruler on 7 January 2020 in English (English).

Hello, there.

I have a proposal for blue countries and wiki article stuff.

Blue countries tend to have a mix of every culture, nearly non-coherent, non-consistent.

Therefore i think we could make them non-canon, and instead for describing specific places included in the blue countries as “fictional” countries. Countries not on the map, but used on the wiki to make things more sense.

Commonia, for instance, is a mix of every native tongue new users have.

This does not make sense if there is a german country describing a chinese district just across the border.

Instead, non-mapped, wiki-filler, and coherent “countries” could be described on the wiki.

  • Theruler

OpenGeofiction Geographic Map

Posted by theruler on 29 December 2019 in English (English).

Hey everybody in the OGF Community. I have something to propose. Since i wrote a diary about the GauGAN Nvidia software, i recieved a commented which sounded about like this;”We could make an OGF-street view”. I noticed it and it sounded really interesting.

Obviously it would be impossible to streetview all of OGF, it would require software and hardware and is somewhat patented by Google, if I’m not wrong.

So i thought about creating an “OGF:Landview” article on the wiki, so we could put a leaflet “slippy map” on the article and create some dots you can click on which would then show an image of the desired place.

There are already articles with these things, but not the same content, such as the EUOIA article with the dots of capitals of countries.

What do you think, could it be a smart thing to visualize your country?

Feel free to comment

  • Sincerely, Theruler.

For people who want to make unique pictures of landscape. (Note: Not advertisement)

Posted by theruler on 23 December 2019 in English (English).

There are probably some people who have heard of GauGAN, a program developed by NVIDIA.

It is an AI-powered engine which makes landscape, of your choice, based on millions of photos of geography.

It works like paint, you paint some things on it, click on a button, and boom it becomes a landscape.

It is an online program.

Right now, GauGAN is open for demo.

This means that y’all have access to making unique landscape with tools such as clouds, mountains, hills, water and rivers, to perfectly match your mapping.

Note that GauGAN is AI, so it may be confused at some things you draw, for example if you detail it too much.

Note that this is not an advertisement, but rather a reminder for people wanting to create unique landscape eventually for a wiki article.

GauGAN Demo


I actually made this landscape. This is a demo for some local hills and mountains.

Establishing a military alliance like NATO

Posted by theruler on 14 April 2019 in English (English).


Right now, there is a lot of turmoil between countries (not in the community in general), and there is a need for an alliance, like IRL Nato, or Warsaw Pact (pre-1991). This can create more stability and protect smaller countries with smaller economies (My landmass is small, but i have a large and stable economy - so i am not a “small country with a small economy”)

If this is a good idea, then we could create an alliance!

Ulethan Military Pact, Ulethan Pact, Ulethan Pact for Democracy, Ulethan Imper- ahem, Worldwide Peace Union, Assembly of Nations Peacekeeping Alliance etc. These names can probably suit the purpose of the pact.

Communism? Theocracy (yum)? Democracy? Anarchy? Monarchy? You name it, an alliance also needs an ideology, a way of thought.

  • Theruler

Space in OGF

Posted by theruler on 14 March 2019 in English (English).

I thought about space and OGF and the moon, and i made a handcrafted OGF-Earth with the Moon and the Sun, and i have some proposals for planet names:

  1. Carmentis (Mercury IRL)
  2. Hephaesdus (Venus IRL)
  3. Earth - or the Terra
  4. Nemesis (Mars IRL)
  5. Iris (Jupiter IRL)
  6. Minerva (Saturn IRL)
  7. Augustus (Uran-us IRL)
  8. Poseidon (Neptune IRL)
  9. Bonus (Pluto IRL)


How to make topographic projections in TopoMap?

Posted by theruler on 14 March 2019 in English (English).

So i’ve always wondered, how is the topograhic projections made in TopoMap? Many differerent territories have this beautiful projections and it makes me kinda envious.

How do you do it, and is it hard?

Is JOSM required, or is it available for ID?

  • Theruler

A common world logographic script.

Posted by theruler on 9 March 2019 in English (English).

Soo… yea. This sounds a bit odd, but trust me, you’d probably understand it when i’m done writing. Soo, just quick, a logographic script is a script that is based of pictures, logos. It is pretty much like egyptian hieroglyphs, but here i want to create a twist.

So there should be a common understanding OGF “language” that all, even those who aren’t good at English, could learn: Here i want to show you:


You can pronounce if you want but all consonants are pronounced with an a vowel after, and all vowels are pronounced with an IO after.

gabaaioga = the animal eats poisonous food


Posted by theruler on 8 March 2019 in English (English).

Even though colonization is pretty non-existent, couldn’t there be some “remaining” pieces of colonies like the falkland islands of the U.K.

For example, my Hifnakia claims a little area in eastern Gobrassanya called Tranquenstein and i claim north-eastern UL-074 as Pelsbock.

But it is only autonomous and partially controlled by Hifnakia.

Soooooooooo… What do y’all think?

Happy New Years!

Posted by theruler on 31 December 2018 in English (English).

Hello everyone, and happy new years! So, here in Hifnakia, we are making us ready for the new years. The beautiful Magaz Skyscraper and Microm Tower in Køby are making themselves ready for the fireworks show! We also celebrated Yalod, the 21st of December! The celebration of Sultan and Wise man Abu Khariya I’s death.

So, what are our traditions for new years? Well, alcohol and swine meat is prohibited in Hifnakia and can cost your time, but whatever? We have something we call Neutralchampagne which is a Neutralalkohol, meaning, that instead of Alcohol, it is Carbon Dioxide and Carbonic Acid!

We have that, and then we have the duck and turkey. We pretty much just eat duck, as in Hifnakia, we have so many ducks, that ducks literally use our room for agriculture and stuff, but nevertheless, whole ducks only cost around 18 HFR (15 USD), and whole turkeys go for around 24 HFR (22 USD), sooo.

We have the most delicious ducks, and “the AN even says”(not official, but maybe) that Hifnakians are some of the best for Animal Safety!

Then we eat Pikant Rispilau (Savory Rice Pilau), made with Jasmine Rise, Saffron, Various Spices and a chicken stock.

We then eat Dasik, which is a yoghurt with cucumber (Like Tzatsiki).

And then the Neutralchampagne, and then go out and celebrate.

POI and History

Soooo, with the traditions away, we go to the real world. Hifnakia has been under drastic changes and evolution, and i think that at this point, my mapping is pretty nice, and i can map pretty much without regretting it.

As of June 2018, i got UL030b, (yesss), and i called it Hifnakia. I ignored everything that everyone told me, and straight out mapped cities without geography.

As of August 2018, i regretted it. A nice guy called Trombonist2003 helped me remove all of Hifnakia, and it got straight forward :-)

Then in December 2018 i regretted it. Again, Geography was my least favorite :-( Now i deleted the whole thing myself! You can see the old mapping in TopoMap (slow Topomap)



And now we are here today.


I am just mapping Køby, right now the urban parts of it :-)

All the other settlements

Yup… Not really kind of mapped yet, but hey, still time to read, write and learn more about Urban Planning :-)

Thanks for Austin Huang, Trombonist, TheCuteChick and Jesus Antonio for supporting me on my adventure :-)

YouTube Channel for OpenGeofiction?

Posted by theruler on 30 December 2018 in English (English).

I have an idea… I thought earlier today that maybe a YouTube Channel for OGF could be a good idea. Introducing new people to the website, and showing some of the greatest artpieces on the OGF world?

Feel free to comment!

Great advice to great mapping!

Posted by theruler on 14 October 2018 in English (English).

Good mapping and hello!

Here are some things to make your city/town or country better!

  1. Avoid making Grid-topoli, cities e.g Los Angeles have grids, but not like everywhere!
  2. Avoid using large roads too much, in suburban and downtown areas, use tertiary ways as important/main roads, residential ways as smaller roads, like between houses/buildings, and smaller ways as ways connecting houses to streets etc.
  3. Use large roads when connecting a city/town to another. When connecting to a village, use secondary, when connecting to a town/smaller city, either use a primary road or a trunk, and when connecting to important cities/capitals, use a highway.
  4. First build the big stuff, such as roads, then smaller stuff as streets, districts, intersections, interchanges, then smaller to important buildings such as train-stations and bus-stations, then again to terrain and average buildings.
  5. Rarely use a highway in the middle of a city. Highways are important ways, which should be used in connecting important cities/capitals. Highways consist of at least 4 tracks, such as Autobahn. Trunks may be used outside downtown and suburbs, as they only consist of at least 2 tracks and up to 4 tracks.
  6. Countries should consist of 30% Highway, 30% Trunks, 20% Primary/Secondary, 10% Tertiary and 10% smaller roads.
  7. Historical cities may consist of “spider web” based road systems, modern cities and areas may consist of curved roads, or grids (avoid too many grids), use inspiration from other cities. European themed can come from London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Paris. Slavic themed can come from Moscow, Kijev, Minsk and Jerevan, Middle Eastern themed cities can come from Konya, Baghdad, Damascus, and Tehran. Asian themed cities can come from Beijing, Tokyo, Mumbai and Bangkok et cetera.
  8. Avoid from all costs names from the real world, Embassy of Canada should be instead Embassy of Commonia, OGF does not “allow” city names or country names from the real earth. And better, create your own city and spread the words!
  9. No need to name roads. For me, the most important roads to name are Highways/Trunks, Secondary/Primary, and sometimes, Tertiary. Naming small roads are a waste of useful time if you have a country which 80% of it is empty. Even prof-mappers don’t name small roads!
  10. When you have a new country, decide if you start geographicaly, or with roads and residentials. It is recommended to start with geography, because then it is easier to modify cities and etc.

Hope it helps and i would be happy if someone could help me too!

  • Theruler

Greetings from Hifnakia!

Location: Chenmajing, Zhongning County, Zhongwei City, Ningxia, China

Are there anyone who can help me with clearing the territory of Hifnakia?

Posted by theruler on 2 August 2018 in English (English).


I need a fresh new start in my country. If there is someone to help, that could be nice :)
Restoring coastlines, deleting cities and roads and natural creations, such as islands, rivers, water, mountains and many more.

regards, theruler

Location: Mingsha, Zhongning County, Zhongwei City, Ningxia, China

Developing a city called Denissia, right to Freetabourgh in Commonia

Posted by theruler on 12 May 2018 in English (English).

I want help to build a big city in the town of Denissia, on the right side of Freetabourgh, near District of Denissia Airport. If you could help, it could be a good thing.

Location: 13.244, 149.012