Happy New Years!

Posted by theruler on 31 December 2018 in English (English)

Hello everyone, and happy new years! So, here in Hifnakia, we are making us ready for the new years. The beautiful Magaz Skyscraper and Microm Tower in Køby are making themselves ready for the fireworks show! We also celebrated Yalod, the 21st of December! The celebration of Sultan and Wise man Abu Khariya I's death.

So, what are our traditions for new years? Well, alcohol and swine meat is prohibited in Hifnakia and can cost your time, but whatever? We have something we call Neutralchampagne which is a Neutralalkohol, meaning, that instead of Alcohol, it is Carbon Dioxide and Carbonic Acid!

We have that, and then we have the duck and turkey. We pretty much just eat duck, as in Hifnakia, we have so many ducks, that ducks literally use our room for agriculture and stuff, but nevertheless, whole ducks only cost around 18 HFR (15 USD), and whole turkeys go for around 24 HFR (22 USD), sooo.

We have the most delicious ducks, and "the AN even says"(not official, but maybe) that Hifnakians are some of the best for Animal Safety!

Then we eat Pikant Rispilau (Savory Rice Pilau), made with Jasmine Rise, Saffron, Various Spices and a chicken stock.

We then eat Dasik, which is a yoghurt with cucumber (Like Tzatsiki).

And then the Neutralchampagne, and then go out and celebrate.

POI and History

Soooo, with the traditions away, we go to the real world. Hifnakia has been under drastic changes and evolution, and i think that at this point, my mapping is pretty nice, and i can map pretty much without regretting it.

As of June 2018, i got UL030b, (yesss), and i called it Hifnakia. I ignored everything that everyone told me, and straight out mapped cities without geography.

As of August 2018, i regretted it. A nice guy called Trombonist2003 helped me remove all of Hifnakia, and it got straight forward :-)

Then in December 2018 i regretted it. Again, Geography was my least favorite :-( Now i deleted the whole thing myself! You can see the old mapping in TopoMap (slow Topomap)



And now we are here today.


I am just mapping Køby, right now the urban parts of it :-)

All the other settlements

Yup... Not really kind of mapped yet, but hey, still time to read, write and learn more about Urban Planning :-)

Thanks for Austin Huang, Trombonist, TheCuteChick and Jesus Antonio for supporting me on my adventure :-)

Comment from zhenkang on 31 December 2018 at 15:05

You can see my diary entry as well. Anyway, our Great Supreme Leader is also due to hold a New Year Speech for Antigo's policies for the next year.

And I may take your substitute for alcohol, cos Antigo has quite some limits on its liquor supply at the moment.

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Comment from Arisuaq on 1 January 2019 at 00:09

Happy new year 2019 to you all! It's 1:09 in the Czech Republic now.

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