Gobras City

Posted by wangi on 19 October 2015 in English (English)

Just a reminder that the building of Gobras City is ongoing. It is the capital Gobrassanya, and everyone is welcome to join in. The wiki page at OGF:Gobras City hasn't seen as much action as the map edits - but it's still a good place for some background and questions.

Recent development has focussed on trying to fill in the gaps between the suburbs and city centre.

Location: Marineville, Ward 15: Downtown NW, Gobras City, Capital, 4, Gobrassanya

Comment from wangi on 26 October 2015 at 04:58

I've done a fair bit of over the top editing in Yuiona (neighbourhood 48) recently... Some background to my thinking:

  • It's to the immediate S of the core downtown
  • There was original village here, centred around Marionet Street & Loontis
  • This was incorporated into the GC grid over time, with some exceptions, and a tighter grid in places
  • But the area was overcrowded...
  • When the Central Freeway was constructed this required around 2 blocks wide of housing to be demolished
  • Also, some of Old Yuiona was demolished to cope with poor conditions, with Marionet Avenue constructed to give free flow of traffic
  • There was then an area of contemporary high density tower block residences constructed (highest density within GC), with the Birch Curves woodland to give a balance of green space (I see this as the general reason for the Brich Curves - high density housing next to it)
  • This took up population which was displaced from the freeway construction and clearing of Old Yuiona
  • To the immediate SW the private housing estate of Toniva was constructed - bungalow houses
  • To to immediate S the social landlord ("council houses") scheme of Raionia was built.
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Comment from Bstn on 22 January 2016 at 14:31

My plans are to fill the eastern gaps from Downtown (River Bridge Road -- Yalarah Road). I don't know wheter the "blocks" between Gobras Monuwalí Station and Yalarah Road should be filled with parks, so it is a "green lung" of the city, or if normal buildings are a better idea because the city already has some parks.

What is your opinion or have you better ideas what to do with the area?


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