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Posted by 5crownik007 on 1 April 2017 in English (English)

Hello. I am new to this community(obviously), and I am very interested in this... fictional... universe... mapping... project. I guess that's the most accurate name for it. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on what my first project should be, I managed to link JOSM to the OGF thing and everything, and there's some of land just above Georgetown(Commonia), where I'm thinking I should put my first thing.

Also if there's any live-chat for this community like discord or something, that would be great for quick asks. (I thought I saw a link in this user diaries thing earlier but it's expired)

EDIT: Also, what side of the road do people drive on in Commonia?

Comment from Yuanls on 2 April 2017 at 00:00


In regards to discord, there was a chat some months ago. But it's dead now, it didn't work out. Currently we are confined to the user diaries, as usual.

In Commonia, there isn't a set driving side. Commonia is a heavily impoverished country, a failed state which is currently in a state of collapse. Think of eastern Europe after WWI, China during the 1920s or maybe Somalia today. It's pretty much a free-for-all zone for its residents (of the OGF world, not for us, the users).

Therefore it is wise to say that it isn't wise to do do anything overly ambitious in Commonia. It will be restructured at an unspecified but near time in the future (something I am highly anticipating) to improve the condition of the mapping, so I wouldn't invest unnecessary amounts of time and effort mapping there, especially if you're new.

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Comment from zhenkang on 2 April 2017 at 00:14

If you want to edit at Commonia, collaborate with others and dont do huge changes like creating a random highway.

I recommend not investing too much time over Commonia as after you have your territory, I doubt you will have time to edit in Commonia. Various attempts have been tried to stablised Commonia, but so far, no success.

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Comment from skquinn on 2 April 2017 at 06:24

It depends on your goal. If you are just mapping for a week in a blue territory with eyes on acquiring your own eventually, then it doesn't really matter as much what you do for that first week. I could use help in Rhododactylia, particularly adding "signs of life" for villages and hamlets that currently just exist as a point on the map.

Are you only on OGF, or have you mapped on OSM as well?

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Comment from Litvania on 2 April 2017 at 06:45

I want to disagree with @Yuanls. There is a chat on Discord:

here it is

Please don't misuse it as so far it is going very well on that chat.

Welcome to the community! Feel free to check out some of my mapping to get some idea of scale, or inspiration.

I'm a rather new mapper (5 months michal get over it) so don't take my nation too seriously as it is currently in complete utter chaos.

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Comment from stjur on 2 April 2017 at 06:53

@Yuanls Eastern Europe after WWI? I think you're confusing something. Romania for instance has become one of the wealthiest countries in Middle Eastern Europe in the interwar years. Romanian cities are also known for their sumptuous interbellum architecture.

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Comment from Litvania on 2 April 2017 at 07:02

@Yuanls @stjur i agree with stjur, Poland was very fine after WWI, and was one of the wealthiest countries in Central Eastern Europe. Only when the Nazis attacked and later the Communists occupied did the country fall into ruins.

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Comment from eklas on 2 April 2017 at 07:19

Let's be honest, no country was really fine after WWI, that's why WW2 happened after all. Look at all the border disputes, political crises etc. And while many Eastern European cities might have been prosperous in the 1920s and 1930s, the rural areas remained poor and underdeveloped and I believe that's what YuanIs meant. Getting all defensive and patriotic doesn't lead anywhere.

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Comment from Yuanls on 2 April 2017 at 08:28

I'm talking in reference to eastern Europe immediately after WWI, (as in up to about 1920), in reference to to all the famines, German puppet states, e.g. Courland and Semigallia, the Transcaucasian Republics, failed communist revolutions e.g. Hungary, Germany, Lithuania, and the conditions of Russia in the Civil War with various factions trying to gain power. Looking at the wars between Turkey and Greece, the Soviets vs everyone else and et cetera, eastern Europe seemed to be some kind of free-for-all zone after World War I. It all seems very chaotic to me. (From an outsider's point of view)

Indeed the most of these countries did eventually stabilise and prosper, but no country could have recovered immediately after such a devastating war.

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Comment from ilikemaps on 2 April 2017 at 12:02

Well, it's not surprising that it was chaos immediately after as it was just after the war to end all wars, and many countries were independent for the first time ever or for a long time couple that with a struggle for power, land grabbing and the rise of communism and chaos will ensue. Considering WW1 continued on in ways for about 3 years after it was supposed to end it shows that if 10ish new countries are formed instantly (yes there were nationalistic movements going for a long time prior) there will be disputes

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Comment from Sarepava on 2 April 2017 at 14:43

Anyway, back to the OP's question;

Many new users make the same mistake of attempting the biggest things first: they go straight to building their capital city, motorways, modern infrastructure. Then they hit the limitations of Potlach and ID, ie scale and tidy curves are really hard, and get frustrated because 'it doesn't look right'. The equivalent to picking up a guitar, trying to put fingers in random places and giving up because it won't sound right.

Here is my method you might wish to try when you have your own territory. Use JOSM because it's so, so much better than the other editors.

  1. Find an area of land that you intend to be flat. You are going to build a small town, perhaps 5000 residents.
  2. Start with a building at the central point. Usually a church, town hall or some other public building. Look at real life examples for size. It is unlikely to be more than 100m on any side, and might have a courtyard (use multipolygon tool).
  3. Draw some roads around it. The rest of the street plan will be relative to these. If the town will be a grid, use the parallel ways tool but be sure to put nodes at the intersections. I like to use a block size of between 75-200m.
  4. The grid will most likely become less regular as you move out and get into residential suburbs. Don't forget to add street names and make some roads higher grade than others. You can start to add other main buildings in the blocks such as schools, police, library, businesses, shops (there will be more of these close to the center).
  5. Waterways and country roads can now be added in the wider area of the town. Or have any river flowing through the center.
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Comment from Pawl on 2 April 2017 at 16:51

I would start with waterways and any other significant natural features. Everything man-made is built around them.

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Comment from Portopolis on 3 April 2017 at 02:29

^^^^^ Yes, I agree with pawl, city looks a million times more realistic when you map rivers and streams first. It is crazy how many streams their really are in most countries.

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Comment from JoshuaRoadMapper on 4 April 2017 at 19:32

Welcome to the community!

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Comment from Black Baron on 6 April 2017 at 13:58

Welcome! Kind regards from Castilea Archantea. I agree with pawl and portopolis. Natural structures first.

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