Hi back!

Posted by Friedrich Kirchen on 12 May 2020 in English (English)

It's been a while!

My work took a lot of time from me, and Welstand-Westrijk was kind of abandoned.

But our friend Covid came! And Spain is going through a hard lockdown.

One of the news during this time was that Olympic Games in Tokyo were cancelled, and I remembered that Kirchenburg were at the gates of hosting the Geolympiad 2020. So I came back to mapping.

I'm back to the mapping in Kirchenburg, and the time gave me some perspective on what I like and what i hate. Wanted to reshape the Olympic venues, but as far as I know, the Geolympiac was never officially goven to Kirchenburg, and it look quite well.

I'm reshaping the city. Worked on Grauberg area, in close town GĂ«lteen, and in a theme park.

I've seen really interesting new mapping around OGF. Nice to see everything keeps alive.

Hope everything goes well!

Comment from zhenkang on 12 May 2020 at 08:46

I hope to really award the 2020 Geolympiad Games to Kirchenburg. In fact, I thought when the time is right, I will aks about the 2018 Winter and 2020 Summer.

Hope to see more of you around, and further updates of the city! Kirchenburg is one of the nicest and well mapped cities I have seen thus far.

I am also mapping the capital of Kuehong Bakdep, which has the centre shaped like a flower with the nation's symbol - the 8 point star - in the middle. I am still working around the area, planning an expo for a possible 2019 Expo, cultural venues, the commerical area etc, and preparing it for embassies. So far, I have finished the government centre and added a few government bureaus... feel free to check to out and probably build an embassy in one of the triangles.

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Comment from Tito_zz on 12 May 2020 at 11:05

Welcome back!

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Comment from trabantemnaksiezyc on 12 May 2020 at 11:13

Hey, glad to see you mapping again!

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Comment from eklas on 12 May 2020 at 16:52

Oh hi, good to hear from you again! Certainly looking forward to the OGF sporting event of the yearđź‘€

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Comment from ADB52 on 17 May 2020 at 00:13

Pleased to you mapping again in Kirchenburg (and hopefully beyond). Waving to you from across the Firth!

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