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it's not over yet

Posted by Megacity2005Creator on 22 April 2020 in English (English).

I’m sure that most of you have up and forgotten about me by now.

I was the stereotypical young teenager who only knew how to draw suburbs of large American cities and didn’t know a lick about topography.

I quit last September. 9th grade had started, I was up and working at 4 AM each day and wasn’t finished until 8 PM, had tests basically every week, and to make an understatement, it wasn’t really helping that I was immersed in a virtual world. That summer I had too much time on my hands, and I gave myself so many duties on here that by the time school showed up again to bite me I was completely overwhelmed.

I’m mapping again during the pandemic, at least excluding the 90% of my day where I wash my hands and/or fret about how little toilet paper we have left. I’m keeping it to hand-drawn maps, though. I’m not coming back here. In theory, I’m capable of loading myself up with all the responsibilities I had last summer, but physical school’s coming back in August and eventually I will run smack into a brick wall.

Plus, if there were any reason for me to want to come back here in the first place, it’s gone now. My current project is the creation of a parallel-US state similar to Virginia (where I grew up) and other Appalachian areas, and in the OGF world that’s been taken for about a 500-mile radius. My closest bet is AR120-31, and that’s on the wrong side of the mountains. Location aside, I’ve found that at least for me, hand-drawing maps is a lot faster and neater.

But, considering there are so many mappers here who know three decades’ worth more stuff than I do, I’m searching for advice. This is the rough layout of the entire state:

If it’s not clear, then I divided the paper into 9 sub-sections. Here’s the close-up of the northeast corner (which is the only one I’ve gotten to so far) (and yes, the capital is a small town named Corona):

The northeast corner was mostly inspired by the Chesapeake Bay area over Northern Virginia and Maryland, with a DC-type area in the southwest of that. But see, the problem is, I imitated the style of the short, wide rivers and bays that cover that region without really understanding how they were formed. That’s the subject in which I’m a bit clueless and need input from more experienced mappers. Is the way the rivers flow odd? Would it be improbable to have a low mountain range to the east of the bay? What about the scale, is that a little off? Any sort of constructive criticism will be accepted.

On a less demanding note, I seem to have run out of good ideas for Algonquian names.

Once I finish the other 7 insets (one has nothing mapped in it), then I will plan to go into even further detail.

Thanks, and happy mapping!


Population of this town?

Posted by Megacity2005Creator on 17 June 2019 in English (English).

I’m using Sterling, Colorado as an example.

Feedback and advice would also be appreciated- thanks :D (It’s not entirely done)

Location: Jeparit, Shire of Hindmarsh, Victoria, 3423, Australia

Bluevista Feedback and Collab

Posted by Megacity2005Creator on 3 May 2019 in English (English).

Hi everyone! I seem to be in the same situation that CaboAzul is in: I am awaiting my territory request decision, and am wondering if anyone has any feedback about my previous city, Bluevista, in case I ever get back to it, and if anyone is willing to collaborate on it.

In feedback, there are already some things implicated by myself way back when, when I was a lousier editor, that I already know of and don’t really want to be brought up:

*Several areas in a long corridor where I was first editing, including Downtown, Candlewick City, and Paseo Hills, are very poorly mapped and way out of scale.

*Some of my divided highways have lanes waaaaaay too close together.

*And finally, exit ramps and such seem to be totally different in scale from each other.

In the collaboration front, anyone is willing to work on Bluevista if they want. Just tell me in the comment section and please follow these guidelines: the streets are similar to Los Angeles (use this as an example), the topography to Vancouver, the climate to Florida, and the history to Portland. Please also take care in smoothing the corners and no more motorways.

Thanks! M2C

Location: Adavale, Quilpie Shire, Queensland, Australia

Thoughts on an OGF Alaska?

Posted by Megacity2005Creator on 28 March 2019 in English (English).

Given the fact that I live in Alaska and there seems to be no area similar to it in OGF, this question came to me: is there interest in making an Alaskan-type island in the far southeast of Archanta? The territory would be part of the FSA, and could probably be a collaborative effort that focuses on mapping more natural features over large cities. (Although the Southern Islands seems to have the same objective, it looks to be more of an Antarctic comparison.) Thoughts?

What should my city be named?

Posted by Megacity2005Creator on 18 February 2019 in English (English).

I’ve been working on The Premises in Mecyna for a few months, but I’ve felt that the name feels too unnatural, so I need ideas on the city’s new name. I just deleted the name (although it might not have rendered yet).


This city is VERY recent. It is a master-planned community constructed from the early to mid 1990s, and it flourished from a modern industry that was rooted there before the city was actually built. The Premises could possibly be the name of the city in the couple or so years before it really began to develop.

The area is very mountainous, and slightly chillier than the tropics of the lower ground, although it rarely snows. There is an area of flat land to the southwest (along route 193) that will consist of mostly farms.

It has few natural resources but is boosted by information technology and similar industries, and has several universities.

If anyone has ideas, please comment! i will appreciate the feedback! Megacity2005Creator

Location: Adavale, Quilpie Shire, Queensland, Australia

Can I make a wiki page without owning a territory?

Posted by Megacity2005Creator on 22 January 2019 in English (English).

So sooner or later, my city “The Premises” is going to grow to a decent size that is enough for me to make a wiki about it. The only problem is that I don’t own a territory (and I’m not really thinking about that until my city and surrounding area is completely finished). So how can I do this?

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Posted by Megacity2005Creator on 1 December 2018 in English (English).

7.2 earthquake hit where I live (IRL, not on OpenGeofiction), so I probably won’t be on for a while.

Error in Saving

Posted by Megacity2005Creator on 27 November 2018 in English (English).

Something’s gone wrong when I try to save my edits. It gives me the text box to describe my change, but it doesn’t give me the option to actually save it. Nothing really seems to be wrong that I can notice, the edits that I haven’t uploaded are on my screen and my internet seems fine. Is there anyone who knows how to fix this?

Location: Adavale, Quilpie Shire, Queensland, Australia