Is the GPS function broken?

Posted by Pancake Killer on 2 November 2018 in English (English)

I've been trying to calculate distance between 2 areas of my country and just dragged the marker (typing the thing usually leads it to somewhere else i don't need it) and no matter where I put it I keep getting the "Couldn't find a route between those two places." even though all roads are connected.

Comment from Jesus Antonio on 2 November 2018 at 02:41

Is because overpass dosent updates since like a haundred years

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Comment from bhj867 on 2 November 2018 at 19:19

It hasn't worked for quite a while.

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Comment from ADB52 on 2 November 2018 at 21:23

It broke in October 2017; the user who looks after it has been away from OGF for most of this time.

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Comment from iiEarth on 3 November 2018 at 06:01

Mostly explained here.

Hope it helps.

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