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Is saving edits not working for anyone else?

Posted by Pancake Killer on 23 November 2019 in English (English)

Hi, I tried to publish a pretty big edit in my FS state and I click save and the only thing it shows is changeset comments, so saving option or anything. Is this going on elsewhere?

What should I use for making racetracks?

Posted by Pancake Killer on 14 October 2019 in English (English)

I noticed how there's a line for a racetrack, but only non-motorsports. What should I use to make a motorsports track?

Flooding in Archanta?

Posted by Pancake Killer on 11 October 2019 in English (English)

I noticed when I was going to map my FS state how there's some flooding in Archanta, is this happening for anyone else?

[FSA Question] Are there radio stations?

Posted by Pancake Killer on 22 May 2019 in English (English)

I'm editing my county's wiki page to look somewhat similar to my county's real life page (different names obviously) and there is a "radio" section. Does FSA/AR120 have a callsign system similar to that of the US? I'm sorry if I should do it some other way, but this is what came to mind first.

What are all of the "nationalities"

Posted by Pancake Killer on 16 May 2019 in English (English)

I'm talking like the names (like how Ingerish is the British), but what about the Spaniards and French? Scandinavian, German and Russian? African-American too I guess. Anyone know the names for these or do we only truly know the Ingerish?

Work on a small town

Posted by Pancake Killer on 16 December 2018 in English (English)

So I've been recently getting back into OGF for the past few months, and so I got bored today and because AR120-11 is a collaborative territory (which I think I'm allowed to edit in according to a PM from an admin?)

Either way, if it doesn't render that's because I just built it and it should load shortly. I'm proud of the amount of detail I put in.

Location: AR120-08, AR120

Is the GPS function broken?

Posted by Pancake Killer on 2 November 2018 in English (English)

I've been trying to calculate distance between 2 areas of my country and just dragged the marker (typing the thing usually leads it to somewhere else i don't need it) and no matter where I put it I keep getting the "Couldn't find a route between those two places." even though all roads are connected.

Complicated Interchange I made

Posted by Pancake Killer on 28 July 2017 in English (English)

Ok, so I do a few strange interchanges in Arlington, but they are all efficient (at least from what I can tell).

This one connects not 3, 4 highways (AR F 3, AR F 7, DO 1 and AR 3).

Any suggestions for this?

Location: Arlington Freeway 7, Powhatan, Deniro, Arlington

Beginnings of the Krankriet Government

Posted by Pancake Killer on 26 April 2017 in English (English)

Well, the last few months was just me setting up my country, now it's time to put it in action.

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