Spaceport Of Commonia Finished Construction

Posted by TheIlluminix on 17 March 2019 in English (English)

Hello! The Spaceport Of Commonia is near completion. It should be finished in one day. Once it is finished, imports from the moon and railway links will be made. Happy flying!

  • THIS IS OUTDATED. Due to a huge amount of disgust, the spaceport is going to be expanded. Hate against this expansion will be ignored entirely because Commonia is a FREE COUNTRY.
Location: 14.964, 152.113

Comment from _zM on 17 March 2019 at 20:09

Baikonur is the better size comparison here compared to Cape Canaveral because the former is in the middle of nowhere, like that one you did.

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Comment from iiEarth on 17 March 2019 at 23:10

This is a no-no. You tagged the Spaceport of Commonia as a city with more than five billion people — I had to delete the point.

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Comment from TheIlluminix on 18 March 2019 at 00:17

yeah, i tagged it before i learnt what a locality was. I am a new player.

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Comment from geoboi on 18 March 2019 at 00:43

Also, I don't mean to be rude, but last I checked, we don't import materials from the moon IRL. One thing that is important to the site is realism and verisimilitude.

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Comment from Alsatian on 18 March 2019 at 16:59

Yeah hi, Nice to see another new user trying to think of a ground-breaking idea. Problem is that: 1) Commonia, of all nations, would not be the one to go into space. Remember Commonia is a "nation" with a corrupt government that has little control over anything that happens, and nowhere would have the money or the ability to research. 2) This "spaceport" is very unrealistic. Maybe this could be changed into the former site of a space flight attempt from sometime before Commonia's collapse, or something similar? 3) The problem with attempting to do this kind of thing is that this opens the board to a lot of new mappers such as yourself trying to claim regions in space. Power and conquest is not the intention of OGF's presence - if it were, OGF would not have lasted up to this day.

Thank you for reading, and I'm happy you're inspired somewhat by the other mappers but try to keep mapping realistic. (Anything goes in Commonia, eh?)

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Comment from zhenkang on 19 March 2019 at 07:27

That site is puny compared to the upcoming nuke site in Alam, Antigo. The launch pads have not been created, but many of the facilities (ground stations, nuclear processing sites, secret underground entrances, administrative areas etc) have already came on board. Will build launch pads soon for the missiles. I suggest looking at Sohae and other known launch sites as well.

The world better watch out! (Evil laughs)

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Comment from TheIlluminix on 21 March 2019 at 20:57

With all the hate, I am now going to expand the spaceport. To all people of Aranburgh, prepare for a huge portion of the province to be consumed by the spaceport.

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Comment from _zM on 21 March 2019 at 21:16

...but why? We're not hating, just giving criticism (as constructive as we can get).

Commonia can neither afford nor make use of such a big spaceport. Where would they fly to and for what reason? No real-world country has sent manned missions to the moon for some time and certainly none have started any sort of mining operation except on Earth, so we can assume no country on OGF would do so either.

Neither would a war-torn nation with several warring factions have the stability that would allow any force to establish, develop and use a spaceport, let alone one the size of a province. Not to mention the amount of research and development which would better be used to support either the war or rebuilding efforts.

Also, OGF isn't a game, but rather a creative tool for geofiction set in a time very close to ours, with a focus on creating things for others to view and get immersed in rather than boasting about them, or roleplay. If you want a place where you can focus less on detailing things and more on stories and such, I'd suggest places like NationStates instead. If you want to continue on OGF though I'd recommend looking an contributing to OpenStreetMap for a while, which will definitely help with your mapping skills.

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Comment from zhenkang on 23 March 2019 at 07:34

Your spaceport is still pathetic with no further details. Expand it with no details and it is useless

Antigo has managed to pull certain resources to build the following for a nuke base:

  • A few military bases at the perimeter to guard the base
  • A few 'secret entrances' to the underground.
  • A command centre and a few administrative areas.
  • Observer stations and other stuff which can be kept vague because you cant tell from satellite images.
  • Key sites such as ground stations (to track the missiles) and launch pads.
  • Missile assembly buildings near launch pads.
  • A nuclear reactor/factory for processing uranium and manufacture nuclear weapons (likely underground). If above ground, it can be disguised as a nuclear power plant.

Go here: The nuke site is almost complete and ready for missile launching. Lol. Unless you bomb it, but we have defenses as well.

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Comment from TheIlluminix on 5 April 2019 at 20:30

Oh, look who's talking. Don't forget that MY COMPANY has a nuke in your base. Yes, I can turn the area into a huge hunk of radioactive iron, so don't get to excited.

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Comment from iiEarth on 5 April 2019 at 22:04

Excuse me, please don’t get too excited about such unrealistic things. Commonia probably can’t afford nukes, forget ones which turn things to iron.

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Comment from DudeMap555 on 30 August 2019 at 18:49

"GET OOFED" the best comeback i have ever seen.

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