¿Muchas Confluencias?

Posted by UN1TY on 29 August 2019 in English (English)

Last January, I started work on a new city named Confluencia.

In Commonia, (of all places) there is a well-mapped and highly-developed city also named Confluencia.

Did I subconsciously copy this city’s name, or did it change recently?

Comment from zhenkang on 29 August 2019 at 10:41

Confluencia has been there for like ages...

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Comment from MisterBean on 29 August 2019 at 14:35

It is, in my opinion, absolutely no problem. There are countless cities sharing the same name in the real world, so it would only make OGF more realistic. If you want, you can of course rename yours to "Confluencia de Unesia" or something like that.

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Comment from iiEarth on 29 August 2019 at 16:01

It's fine even if it is subconsciously, it doesn't matter. There are four states/regions in the real world which are called 'Amazonas:' one in Brazil, one in Peru, one in Venezuela, and one in Bolivia.

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Comment from iiEarth on 29 August 2019 at 16:01

One in Colombia, too.

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Comment from CharlieG on 1 September 2019 at 20:42

I love your city and take inspiration from it. In my opinion, having the name is fine, as, previously pointed out, there are many different cities around the world sharing a single name. But, to answer your question, the other Confluencia has been around for much longer.

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Comment from UN1TY on 2 September 2019 at 10:59

Thanks everyone for the positive feedback.

I think "Confluencia de Unesia" is a potentially good idea, but for now, I think I'll leave the name as it is.

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