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Giliarca wiki page (maybe coming soon), twitter profile (already online) and other...

Posted by eleinads on 6 August 2019 in English (English).

Dear all, a brief update from my country ad its capital, Giliarca. I hope I can use a part of the time during these holidays to publish the Giliarca wiki page. I’m working on it a bit, but I’d rather enter the finished product directly, rather than a work in progress.

In the meantime, however, I created the official twitter profile of the Municipality of Giliarca.

Actually it’s the RW’s twitter, it’s true… and in fact I was wondering if it was feasible, but I saw that I’m not the first to have done it.

I have already established contacts on twitter with some of your cities or countries, but in fact I have not found many of you … if anyone is there, and wants to establish contact in that platform, let him live.

In truth, if you want to follow the profile even with your RW profiles, I really think you can do without problems. So, if you want, let yourself be alive.

I take this opportunity to point out, as indicated in the last tweet, that from 1 September there will be the new bus tickets in Giliarca:

Giliarca Bus Ticket

But if you have to visit the city in the coming months and you have some of the old tickets, don’t worry, they will continue to be accepted until December 31st.

Thanks, see you soon!


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Giliarca, finally.

Posted by eleinads on 2 July 2019 in English (English).

Here we are. I’ve been in ogf for exactly two years, and these days I’m finishing mapping the city of Giliarca. Only a little piece remains to be done, which I will finish in the next few hours.

It took me twice as much as planned (I started counting on ending it in one year), but the result satisfies me enough, as far as I can see in ogf cities and territories that are incredibly more beautiful and worked much better.

I would like to thank all those who gave me very important tips to improve the city: thanks to their advice it is very different to some naive ideas that I initially had.

However, the work is not finished: I will be able to act on the details (even on your impulse: you can still correct me). And above all I will now work on the wiki page, going to show how certain aspects of the city that might appear “strange” (starting from its position) are not in contrast with the likelihood principle.

Finally: if you remember, a little while ago I asked you about the number of inhabitants. After that consultation, I established that Giliarca has 967524 inhabitants. In the initial project the number was higher: for this reason I have scaled the airport (removing a terminal and a runway) and I have reduced the central station, considering however that the tourist and business influx significantly increases the number of people present in the city area.

Thank you all.

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How many inhabitants?

Posted by eleinads on 26 February 2019 in English (English).

Dear colleagues mappers,

I give you a few updates on my progress, and then I’ll ask you a very important question. With the city of Giliarca, I have now entered the final phase of the mapping. I have finished mapping the details of the northern area, and now I only have the southern suburbs, which will be mainly commercial and industrial.

Now, then, I will finally write the Wiki page on Giliarca (which, incidentally, will also be an opportunity to explain the reasons for some particular aspects of the city, such as its particular location or its historic center, but we will talk about this on another occasion).

The final question I have to ask you is another: do you help me to quantify the population of Giliarca? (Consider that the area to be mapped will not be residential, so what you see now already allows you to do so).

That is: in your opinion, when you see the map of the city, what is the most realistic number of inhabitants to attribute to it? (the city, not the country) I will don’t tell you what I think about it, in order not to condition you: tell me your evaluations.

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Toponymy and verisimilitude

Posted by eleinads on 29 January 2019 in English (English). Last updated on 30 January 2019.

I am mapping the northern area of Giliarca, where I dedicated an avenue to Antigo, since it was one of the great cities that were missing in the toponymy of my city.

But then I started to think again… does a name like that meet the criteria of likelihood? Is it normal for the capital of a democratic republic to dedicate an avenue to the capital of a totalitarian regime? Isn’t it a bit like there’s “Pyongyang Avenue” in New York?

mmmhhhh… I don’t know… I think that OGF guidelines require me to change the name of this avenue… I don’t know what you think about it.

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"Zalghira Space Center"

Posted by eleinads on 23 November 2018 in English (English).

The “Zalghira Space Center” in Gardensa is now fully mapped. I hope you think it’s good, otherwise I can correct anything. As I said in a previous post, the Republic of Gardensa is small, and so the Space Center (also because of its tropic-equatorial position, suitable for the orbits of the rockets) hosts missions from other countries. Then, who among you is interested and think that its country can benefit from it, please let me know, so I’ll take it into account when I update the Wiki. Thanks eleinads

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Space Center?

Posted by eleinads on 20 November 2018 in English (English).

I have to ask a question of general interest.

Are you able to tell me which and how many are the space centers in OGF? By “spatial centers” I mean those of great dimensions and global interest like, in RW, the Kennedy Space Center (Florida), Bayqoñyr (Kazakhstan), Kourou (Guyana) and Jiquan (China).

I ask this because my intention is to insert one in the map of the Republic of Gardensa. This is also because it is a territory suitable for this, because of its tropic-equatorial position.

The candidate place is in the eastern flat land between the Carminio Lake, the Western Rain Forest and the sea, here. Obvioustly I can modify the nearest towns and infrastructures.

However, before mapping it, I have to involve all you, because a launch base is not just for one country and, for reasons of real likelihood, there must not be too many in OGF. If there were already several, I would not put mine.

Moreover, since the Republic of Gardensa is small (even if it has a large city, Giliarca), it is clear that it would be a base that hosts space launches on behalf of other countries (this would be very important for the budget of the Republic of Gardensa).

So, short question: how many (and which) space centers or launch bases are already present in OGF? If I put one in Gardensa, it would alter some balance?

Thank you!


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Lists of streets

Posted by eleinads on 6 August 2018 in English (English).

Hi everyone. I was thinking… Is there a way to extract the list with the street names of a specific city? The city of Giliarca begins to have quite a number of streets, and it would be very useful to have a list … I do not always remember if the name of a street already exists…

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Latest additions in Gardensa

Posted by eleinads on 13 February 2018 in English (English). Last updated on 15 February 2018.

Dear all, in this page of the diary, I update you on the last main interventions in the mapping of the territory of Gardensa.

First, in the capital, Giliarca, the San Fortunio Underground Railstation (not a subway station, but an ordinary train station located underground, on the model of several existing underground railway stations, like Penn Station in NY or the recent station of “Porta Susa Sotterranea” in Turin, Italy).

[20180214 Update… Ah: the district surrounding the San Fortunio Station is a financial area where all banks have set up a branch: if you have a bank in your country, choose a nearby building not already tagged, so tag it with your bank and send me a message or a comment below to let me know!]

San Fortunio Underground Railstation

Secondly, always in Giliarca, the Indaco Amphitheater, on the banks of the homonymous river.

Indaco Amphitheater

Thirdly, moving out of the city, the Naghisco Dam, which forms the homonymous artificial lake, fundamental for the water supply of the city of Giliarca. (Below the dam there is the hydroelectric plant and, next to it, the village of workers. If you think it’s too close to the dam, I can move it.)

[20180216 update: I moved the village a few hundred meters … actually the position it had was incompatible with the difference in height that should have been there.]

Naghisco Dam



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Gardensa: changes in the map (Verisimilitude).

Posted by eleinads on 29 January 2018 in English (English). Last updated on 30 January 2018.

After the public presentation of Gardensa and its capital Giliarca, some days ago, I received a lot of very interesting considerations by many of you. So: now I’ll I will anticipate the changes that I will bring in the map of my territory in acceptance of these observations.

The main issues were: the position of a big city in the tip of a thin peninsula, with two kind of consequences: human (enemies attacks), and natural (hurricanes and floods), and the unnatural course of the Indaco river, in the center of the peninsula, with a last unjustified turn to the west before the mouth

Well, I must premise that the position of the city in the tip was from the first moment a choiche taken with awareness: it has been one of the reasons behind the choice of this specific territory. And in the discussion in my last post, indeed it has emerged that this fact in itself is not contrary to the principle of likelihood. So, that will not changed.

But, about specific details, most of your critical observations are more than correct: the position of the city of Giliarca needs to be more credible. And so also the course of the Indaco river.

So I tell you now the changes I will bring. Of course you can suggest some “corrections to corrections”.

But please note that what I’m going to write, and the graphs illustrating this, are simplifications: in the actual changes I will modify every detail: roads, railroads, smaller cities etc., and especially taking into account the domino effect, so each change produces others, until it returns to an overall coherence.

1) I’ll map a mountain in the peninsula, near the city of Roghela. (obviously in OGF, likein OSM, is not possible to map altitudes, but I’ll give the perception of the mountain). change01

2) The source of Indaco River will be in this mountain (I will find a compatible altitude, but it does not necessarily have to be very high). Lower hills can be on the western side to give the direction to north. change02

3) A mountain (better: a pointed rock hill) will be located east of Giliarca, between the city and the ocean. This will explain three things: the position of the city protected from enemy attacks from the ocean, and protection from winds, currents, floods and hurricanes (in fact the city lies on the closed sea in the west), and the turn of the river to the west. (Obviously the airport runways will be rotated to have the landing corridors). change03

4) Some islands will make contact between the peninsula and the ocean less direct (another form of reparation from natural threats) change04

5) Last modification: a mountain near to Storonia will make possible a further river that will bathe the north of the forest. And the south course of the current Indaco River, by another name, will end up in the ocean with a much more natural course. change05

Now you will make these changes effective. Of course you can make all the comments you want, reporting details to be taken into account.

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Giliarca (Gardensa).

Posted by eleinads on 27 January 2018 in English (English).

Dear all,

I waited some months to present “officially” the country of Gardensa and in particular the map of its capital, the city of Giliarca. But I have to say that during that months I had several contacts with many of you, speaking privately about the mapping of our countries and our mutial relations.

In this post, I’ll focus the attention on the city of Giliarca.

So, the main reason because I waited to propose a “public presentation” in this page, was that I preferred that the map should have a visible form. Now, the city of Giliarca is mapped for about the 45% of its final extension. I preferred to map progressively with a good level of detail, rather than map immediately all the city and put gradually the details. It can explain, e.g., the fact that the Airport can seems today to be overproportioned.

I’m planing to complete all the mapping of the city in the next six-seven months (august 2018).

I am aware that there are many flaws and lacks in the mapping of Giliarca. For this reason, I’m ready to hear any comments you may have. Depending on the case, I can explain the reasons for aspects that leave you perplexed, or I will modify the map to correct any true mistake, in particular about verosimility. Indeed, the main question is: looking at the map of the city of Giliarca, what elements lead you to say “it’s not a real map”? Effectively, in a good map all these elements must disappear.

A last word about the wiki: at the moment I’m writing the page about the Country that explain also the origins of its Capital Giliarca.

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Uletha is flooded?

Posted by eleinads on 21 July 2017 in English (English).

Uletha is flooded? It seems to me that the cause is that the coastline is no longer counter-clockwise. I do not think I’m the cause of the problem, but I ask: Is it enough to solve it counterclockwise? Confirm?