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Developing German-styled "Innenstädte"

Posted by tule00 on 3 May 2021 in English (English)

Hey everyone,

I've been drawing German-styled cities for years now, and many of them look decent, but none of them have that characteristic inner city well mapped. I know roughly how those develop historically, but there isn't any guide on how to map those developments.

I've been told that I should start from the main square and then develop "blocks" -- spaces in between streets. Then, the streets should follow the borders of the blocks. This advice seems good, but it'd be nice if there were a more detailed guide on how to do that -- for example, I have no idea how to develop blocks.

If someone experienced enough could explain this whole process, we could use this entry on the wiki in the help/resources section.

Thanks in advance.

Reeland coat of arms

Posted by tule00 on 1 July 2019 in English (English)

forum entry here

Hey everyone,

I've been working on a new version of the coat of arms for Reeland. This is what the old one looks like: Reeland — old coat of arms

Now that I have more experience and knowledge about heraldry, I came up with two more realistic ones. The only difference is the crown.

Reeland — new coat of arms, with crown Reeland — new coat of arms, without crown

So what do you think, are they good? Should I keep the crown or not?

Best regards

Neu-Erneerik Hauptbahnhof (main railway station)

Posted by tule00 on 31 May 2019 in English (English)


Hello everyone,

Recently I have been working a bit on the main railway station in Neu-Erneerik. It is meant to be the railway hub of the west coast of Midistland, and the west end of the Neu-Erneerik--Bend railway section, with regular train and high speed (Alta Velocidad) connections to Bend main railway station.

What I intend to do is add more crossover tracks, a railyard/service area in between the station and Bendstraße, and finish the basic railway network in the city.

Is it a good station for the second-largest city in the country?

Is it good for high-speed railways?

I'd like to hear your thoughts.

Happy mapping!

Capital tagging

Posted by tule00 on 21 March 2019 in English (English)

Hello mappers,

I'm here to ask something: how do we tag capitals for best rendering?

Typically the state capital is tagged with capital=yes, but histor-style and TopoMap styles take into account the admin_levels of capitals. OSM wiki proposes that for state capitals, capital=yes should be used, but for province capitals, we should use capital=3 or capital=4, etc.

But on the OSM wiki it is also mentioned that we can combine capital=yes and admin_level=3/admin_level=4/etc. tags.

Also, sometimes I've seen tags like capital=2.

So which one of them is the most correct (for OGF)?

Proposal: a new standard for maritime boundaries

Posted by tule00 on 9 March 2019 in English (English)

Hey everyone,

As you know, most countries in OGF have maritime boundaries, but they are not consistent with tagging. There are typically 4 variants:

  1. boundary=administrative and admin_level=2 (like regular boundaries)
  2. boundary=administrative and maritime=yes
  3. boundary=administrative, maritime=yes and admin_level=2
  4. boundary=maritime and border_type=territorial (I personally used this one)

However, according to OSM standards, I propose that we all start to use this one:

boundary=administrative, admin_level=2, maritime=yes and border_type=territorial.

This will be very useful for consistency, and it also prevents the maritime boundaries from rendering at low zoom levels (which makes the map clearer and better-looking).

Happy mapping!

PSA: Blue countries are not "do whatever you want"

Posted by tule00 on 26 February 2019 in English (English)

Hey mappers,

It's not new that people tend to add lots of highways and unrealistically dense cities to blue countries, but it's become very frustrating for me, and I think I'm not the only one.

Namely, more than a year ago, I started the initative to help Midistland become a more realistic country. Since East Uletha is supposed to resemble Europe and somewhat Asia, Midistland has become a country with mixed German and Spanish influences. Of course, it can't be perfect, but with combined efforts, we can help it look at least decently realistic. Its capital city, Bend, is supposed to have a million - maximum 2 million inhabitants, and to somewhat resemble Amsterdam (because of its topography). It started out well, we had one outer ring road and one inner partial ring road, but now it looks like this.

Bend is now full of "freeways", "parkways" and other unnecessary highways that don't fit the infrastructure of a European-styled city.

Of course, it's not an isolated case. There are many more - Breassau, Termápolis, Tengah.

They are not entirely unrealistic on their own - but they do not suit the topography, infrastructure or culture of a country like Midistland.

Unfortunately, many members give up on new countries because of this.

So, my message to all members who map in blue countries: first look where you are mapping, then decide what you are mapping. Some countries - like USA - have gave less mass transit and they need more highways. That's not unrealistic. But that's not for Midistland. That belongs in, for example, Federal States of Archanta.

Please, especially new members, have in mind where and why you're mapping something. I am not the most experienced mapper - I still have a lot to learn - but this is something very important that I learned on OGF.

Do not take this as a form of shaming or call-out - this is just a sincere piece of advice.

Thanks for your attention, and happy mapping.

Finishing the "outline" of Klausburg (Clausburgh)

Posted by tule00 on 15 February 2019 in English (English)

(forum entry here)

So, lately I've been working a lot on my city of Klausburg (international/Ingerish name Clausburgh). I think almost all urban parts of the city are mapped to a certain extent. The parts that aren't mapped yet are:

  • the western parts of Antre and Neustat (up to West Ringweg and Sut Ringweg)

  • the southern part of Neustat (south of Neu Kai and the small railway bridge)

After that I plan on mapping suburban and rural areas in the entire administrative area.

So, what I'd like to hear is: is this a good "sketch" of a city with around 120k to 200k inhabitants (I'm not sure about what the population should be)? Does it resemble a European city in a valley among the mountains? Is it mapped well so far?

Best regards and thanks in advance

Renovating the old train station

Posted by tule00 on 12 November 2018 in English (English)

Hello everyone,

In my city of Igwepir I decided to renovate the old rail terminal. I would like to get some feedback on whether it's going well. Read more about it on the forum thread.

Every criticism is welcome. Both about geography and history, and also technicalities.

Best regards

JOSM not working

Posted by tule00 on 27 July 2018 in English (English)

Hey everyone,

When I run josm.jnlp, it says "Unable to launch the application", and when I run the preinstalled JOSM, it runs and shows an error message that says it failed to connect to The home screen says "(Message of the day not available)", and whenever I try to download something from OGF, it shows the error "Failed to connect to the remote server".

Does this happen to anyone else? Is there an issue with JOSM servers?


Former fortress in Vumrupstat

Posted by tule00 on 24 July 2018 in English (English)

EDIT: Forum thread here

Hey everyone,

I've started mapping Vumrupstat one of the most important cities in Reeland, the capital of the province Oberlant. The first part of the city I'm about to make is the former fortress (like Innenstadt in Frankfurt, Innere Stadt in Vienna, Budavár in Budapest). For now, I made a palace like Hofburg in Vienna, a ring road around the former city walls, and a few streets inside.

I'm interested in whether I'm doing a good job for now. Do you all think this is realistic?

Also, I'm not sure if the palace should be used for tourism, or maybe as a parliament building for the province?

I'm open for all criticism and suggestions.

Best regards

The mountain south of Klausburg

Posted by tule00 on 30 June 2018 in English (English)

Hey fellow mappers,

I have transformed a mountain from a single way (natural=wood) into a way more detailed map. What do you all think?

Best regards

Location: Klausburg, Stat Klausburg, Oberlant, Reeland (Reelant)

"Mountain range line" ways

Posted by tule00 on 25 June 2018 in English (English)

Hey everyone,

I tried to make some untagged ways which show me where the mountain range "goes", if you know what I mean.

My question is, is that realistic? I know some things, but I am not an expert in geography/geology. But anyway I find it useful because that gives me a sense of topography.

What are your opinions about this?

Best regards

Mountains and waters in northeastern Oberlant

Posted by tule00 on 22 May 2018 in English (English)

Hey everyone,

Instead of cities, I started working on topography. i added some more mountains, rivers and a lake in this region.

I want to know your opinions. Is it detailed enough? Is it realistic enough? All kinds of criticism are welcome.


Klausburg: Becoming a big city

Posted by tule00 on 2 May 2018 in English (English)

Hey everyone,

I've really been dedicated to my city of Klausburg lately. I think that the city is looking way more realistic by now. It's supposed to be a typical German-looking city, with around 120 000 inhabitants.

What do you all think? Is it coming along nicely? All thoughts, suggestions and criticism are welcome.


Upgrading Klausburg

Posted by tule00 on 25 March 2018 in English (English)

Hey everyone,

One of my best cities is Klausburg. Some people may know it from earlier, but now I've made a lot of additions to the city. I've drawn the railroads to some point; also, I have drawn ring roads (the northern primary road and the southern trunk road).

So, what do you all think?

Best regards

Further development of Symflusstat

Posted by tule00 on 2 January 2018 in English (English)

So I've continued developing the "confluence city", or in Reelandic, Symflusstat. I've expanded the city beyond the island. For now I've just made a few streets, but I like it a lot. What do you people think?

Looking forward to all kinds of comments and criticism. Regards

Location: Alt-Inselstat, Symflusstat, Fluslant, Reeland (Reelant)

A potential way to have an objective opinion about your own mapping

Posted by tule00 on 14 November 2017 in English (English)

Hey everyone,

You know how people say that you should look at your own painting in the mirror so you could know if it's good? Well, I tried to do that with OGF maps, like this: Igwepir flipped

This way, you won't recognize your own maps, so it will be easier to tell if it's good.

What do you all think about this?

Edit: the point is that if you can't look at your own maps objectively, a mirrored image could help you have a different perspective.

New updates in Igwepir

Posted by tule00 on 7 November 2017 in English (English)

Most people who know me, know that my flagship city is Igwepir. Lately, I've added/changed some parts of it:

  • Bergtorf - made the street network more realistic
  • Flusstat - mapped the whole district from scratch
  • Neu-Igwepir - changed the streets around the railways

So what do you all think?

A planned port city

Posted by tule00 on 15 October 2017 in English (English)

I've started mapping the city called Fridrichshafen. An interesting thing about it is that it has few intricate shapes and is mostly planned from scratch, like Mannheim.

What do you all think about the city, as mapped so far? Should I continue like this or should I change something?

Location: 42,974, 108,796

Mapping suburban areas

Posted by tule00 on 11 October 2017 in English (English)

Hey everyone,

I have some knowledge on how to map central city areas, but when it comes to city areas which are not urban or rural, I get very confused. I've mapped some suburban areas of Igwepir, which you can see here. I'm referring to Vagheen Nort -- a modern, densely populated suburb (similar to New Belgrade and Petržalka) It needs some work, but it looks decent. On the other hand, there's Kritzen, which is supposed to be a typical German suburb (like this, for example). But when I map Kritzen, it never looks good at all. It just looks like a bunch of randomly placed streets.

Do you all have some advice on how to make better suburbs?


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