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Parodying this:

Disclaimer: Some shameless propaganda in this entry.

Antigo is wrapping up its massive celebrations of the 111th birthday of the late leader and founder J. L. Briarmack, and replacing with decorations for the New Year. Our Great Supreme Leader T. K. Briarmack is now endorsing a law to allow celebrations for tonight’s party to welcome the new year of peace and prosperity of the great nation of Antigo.

I am not sure how long Antigo has existed on OGF, but I believe it is around three years, thanks to bhj867 who decided to make a dictatorial nation just next to his primary country the Imperial Kingdom of Pretany, under which Antigo suffered at least 700 years of oppressive Pretanic rule. The nation of Antigo has seen quite massive changes and additions to the map, with new towns and farms in Dunthagalia and Kuyak (thanks to Rustem Pasha), some nice border towns (Gut and Daulselon) and probably some corrections to its duchies, down from 50 to 39.

Let me give a few highlights of Antigo, which I doubt I managed to elaborate much on my 2nd-anniversary diary.

Places of interest

  • Antigo City - When I first came to Antigo, I decided to edit there, and well, I added a few notable landmarks throughout the capital, such as the two mausoleums of the late (not dead, erm well, they are dead) leaders of Antigo, the Great Temple of Antigo, the Government Quarter and the Square of Justice, the Antigo Metro, Sealoson Hill, said to be a massive battleground where John Briarmack killed off 400 Pretanic soldiers (in reality he was in Kuyak), a pretty unmapped castle and much more. I also attempted to build a neighbourhood inspired from Soviet cities, which is not so bad. However, after that, I decided not to develop more of the capital yet, since I am quite disastified with the inner core of the capital; I want it to be more organised, but of course a part of it needs to be retained as part of the ‘old city’ from the old Antigoan Kingdom. I have some thoughts of imitating Kiev, but besides that I have not much plans for the capital yet. I will come back to it in a years’ time (I hope).

  • Daulselon - My personal creation in Antigo. Well, I have also spent some time developing the city, inspired by the North Korean border city of Kaesong. I haven’t worked on the farms yet, but at least I have created a military base and a nearby military school? Pretanic invasion, you say? Activating 500 military personnel!

  • Gut - This is Udi’s work, but I have made a few tweaks such as adding a tram system, reclassfying some roads, and added an air base. This air base is one of the key symbols of the Antigoan National Revolution, displaying the Imperialists’ intent of destroying Antigo if there was any rebellion. However, Pretany actually didn’t authorise the air base construction and the subsequent air bombing, but oh well, who cares about historical accuracy?

  • Kessetouralik - Nothing impressive here, since it is pretty much unmapped. This is because the user assigned to this has been busy doing some stuff at Perkins Point, his first city in OGF, and his nation of, hmm, should I say? Anyway, it is meant to be Antigo’s very first capital during its years as a monarchy. Nothing much here, let’s move on to the nearby surrounding areas… (no photography sire! Yes you!)

  • Duchy of Dunthagalia - Probaby Antigo’s key duchy as agriculture producer. This is Rustem Pasha’s work, and I like the detailed farms he made. So, I have started to name the roads in the duchy, number them, and also proceeded to start detailing several villages and towns. I have been doing works on this duchy recently.

  • Kontroga - Antigo’s largest city. But hmm, pretty much unmapped. This is what I will develop next year if I have the time. No pictures allowed, let’s move further east…

  • Taparokagrad - A gateway from Antigo to Suria, I quite like the former user’s work there, until he was banned somehow… I will work on there with the new guy, who is quite busy now with his own nation, but has some plans for the developments of the duchy.

  • Alam - Let’s not be Ala(r)med if a nuke has been launched there, just routine exercises. As brought up in my previous diary entry, this desert should be smaller than it should have been, and probably as a result of human activities. I will get back to this desert one day, maybe next year, and really build its nuclear testing sites, its military bases, gulags etc.

  • Del Kilsur - Almost forgetting this city, which is pretty unmentionable as it is believed to be held by rebels. I have worked in Karak-a-ja for a while, before letting a go to the user mapping there. I have more or less assigned FictiveJ as well to monitor the area for me, since I have much other stuff to focus on.

  • Other places? - Well, nothing much, just villages, farms, forests, propaganda slogans etc. Unimpressive, but still, work in progress.

2019 in Antigo?

  • 80th Anniversary of its liberation from Pretany. Let’s celebrate with a bigger bang! (no nukes idiot, take out the fireworks!)

  • Fewer nuclear testing or none at all. (I will nuke at the rockets from Vodeo, but wait… a bit too far off the radar. Never mind.)

  • More works at eastern Antigo. I hope I will spend some time there since it is pretty much unmapped, and also hope I get to fulfil the 30% mark for a second territory.

  • Upcoming state companies in Antigo, and hopefully some international brands. Yeah, yeah Antigo may be opening up its markets, but let’s see if our Respected Supreme Leader is in the right mode/mood… (We welcome Empire Coffee since Verona Coffee rejected to open its branches…)

  • New international relations? So far, there has been discussions of relations with Altavia, Beaumontan, Belphenia and Mauretia. I hope Suria and Mazan will open up next year, and see how it goes. As always, Antigo is also willing to have any relations. Contact the Department of International Relations for info.

Final notes

There has been too much talking about Antigo, so I want to ask, what is your wish for OGF for 2019? Less short-time users? More blue nations? A clean-up of Commonia? Just reply down here!

As always, Happy New Year!

All hail the Briarmacks! (Antigo’s national anthem plays)

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Happy New Year, and good luck to all Antigo Mappers!

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