Possible Mecynan revamps and reorganisation?

Posted by zhenkang on 3 May 2019 in English (English).


I have been a bit concerned with Mecyna lately, and I thought of proposing new ideas for this blue nation, which is now full of random, jumbled up motorways and too many cities cramped up that does not really make sense.

Many of the motorways/trunk roads and the cities need to be downgraded. Some can be removed as well, such as this motorway that stretches across Glotqua to the other side near Gilagonas via Bellefontaine. Mislabelled settlements as cities can be downgraded to town or village or even a hamlet. This so-called city, for example, can just be a village, likewise for this. Other towns like here can also be further downgraded as well.

As for geography, it looks fine but I feel that the desert plains in neighbouring Elhadia can be extended to the north (which looks like a plain at the moment). The forests could be better drawn like Gobrassanya, but it is not like there are any pro-mappers free to do that. But the detailing can be done much later, or otherwise, forget it if some newbie is going to come and wreck the forests with more motorways. The central area (around the canal) can be wetlands and swamps, while the south can be mountainous as well.

I have some ideas for the culture for the nation as well (read: a bit of history may be involved). So far, the nation is meant to be Florescentian (Portuguese), Castellan (Spanish) and Ingerish influenced. I have my doubts on Iondalban having arrived because it is very far away from Mecyna unless it has already made other deals in other neighbouring nations. Iondalban does not look mapped at all, so why can it be a coloniser?

There has been a slight taboo of having an Ingerish colony, so I thought of possibly Aloran colonisation since it has also made such efforts in nearby Central Archanta. Any other proposed Ingerish-like coloniser is possible. Nothing much to say on Castellan arrival; as stated in the article, it has made efforts to build the canal and there are already former Castellan colonies.

About the local culture, since Elhadia and Central Archanta are African influenced, I thought of proposing it to be northeastern African culture, like Somalian and/or Ethiopian culture (there can be others). Thoughts on this though? Note: the culture does not need to affect the status of the country, which is said to be prosperous. Why not have a version of a rich and uncorrupted Somalia then?

Before ending off, the flag needs a slight change (no offence to whoever created it). It needs to be in proportion first. I am unsure about the flag’s meaning though, is the red circle meant to represent the nation, with the orange the land and the blue the sea?

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Comment from Megacity2005Creator on 3 May 2019 at 14:30

I might like to help this cause because I have been working in Mecyna for the past 6 months. My primary source of agitation is this area in the capital. To compare this, imagine that 1st Avenue, Park Avenue, 7th Avenue, and 10th Avenue in Manhattan were all freeways. True, I might have a few too many freeways in my city, too, but it also has some Castellanese influence.

Honestly, I think that if anyone wants to edit in Mecyna first, they should look at cities like Sliversea (why is it called Silverseas now?) to help them understand the layout of actual cities.

Comment from plainoldbread on 3 May 2019 at 14:37

Odessa, Mecyna has a highway going around it even though it isn’t as big to need a highway.

Comment from histor on 3 May 2019 at 17:40

@ Zhenkang: Long long years ago I draw the Flag of Mecyna. Not my best design. Change it, if you like.

Sure - there is a lot of mess in Mecyna - p.e. this “circle cities”. For me many of all can be deleted.

But the canal is holy ground. I spend a lot of time to draw. In this canal is latinan and zylandian money and cultural iinfluence.

Comment from zhenkang on 3 May 2019 at 23:32

Yeah yeah the canal is holy ground and is untouchable.

For starters maybe the central area around the canal can be cleaned up.

I wonder what will the regional manager (wangi) think of this though.

Comment from wangi on 4 May 2019 at 00:50

Well, Guntrum… The inner part of that, and Wabyme still has a place in my heart. But i’ve just blitzed the outer ring

Comment from zhenkang on 4 May 2019 at 02:16

The circle-like cities does not need to be deleted, at least all can br gathered near Guntrum. Probably as a design for a new capital?

I am also a bit concerned about the airport nearby. On the OGF: Where to fly, the airport is labelled as a large international hub, but looking at the airport, it looks quite small, fit only to do regional flights. Either this has to be relabelled on the map or expanded.

Comment from zhenkang on 4 May 2019 at 08:56

I just realised… since FSA is just nearby… why not make Mecyna similar to Mexico? Castellan influence is already there…

Comment from histor on 4 May 2019 at 10:20

@ Wangi = May be we can make a “Canal Zone” in Mecyna, which is not “blue”?

Comment from Ernestpkirby on 11 May 2019 at 21:21

Looking closer at Canal International, I think it’s less that it’s small and more that it’s mapped slightly-off-scale. If the runways were a little bit longer, more/better taxiways were mapped, and the terminals were remapped to be more reasonably shaped, it could work. That said, I probably would agree that it should be expanded slightly.

Comment from Ernestpkirby on 11 May 2019 at 21:24

Also, it might be worth mentioning that Silverseas, Mecyna has a better mapped, larger airport, and is a better mapped, larger city than Phoenix or Guntrum. I’d say Silverseas should be the main air hub for Mecyna instead, unless Guntrum and/or Phoenix get a major revamp. Then Canal International could be a secondary international airport that’s more of a regional hub that mainly serves Guntrum and Alexandria.

Comment from wangi on 12 May 2019 at 23:07

Focus on the airport is sort of missing the big picture. In Mecyna we have a tropical country, trapped in the OGF Blue Country spiral toward a coastal United States facsimile.

There’s a general discouragement against wiki entries for the blue territories, but where we have them consistency is good. We shouldn’t flip major cities, airports etc based on the most energetic mapping, but rather what makes sense for the country - relatively static.

Any sort of realistic mapping for Mecyna would see a lot of parallels with Panama, rather than the US. Lots of terrain, lots of rainforest, a focus on the canal.

But the question really is - is it worth doing?

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