Antigo's collaborative process

Posted by zhenkang on 26 July 2019 in English (English).

Evening to all mappers.

In recent days, I have been the de facto coordinator over Antigo in bhj867’s absence. For those who did not know what is Antigo, it is a totalitarian socialist dictatorship once part of Pretany, with human rights abuses and whatever that is, well, unspeakable at this moment. (You can read this for further info.)

I have been reflecting on the slow collaborative process in Antigo. It has previously on-off mappers which eventually left the nation, leaving me all alone to manage the territory. Not saying this is bad, but I will like to keep Antigo active as a collab territory and not just my personal territory or anything along those lines. The purpose of me writing this is for all users to give suggestions on how the collaborative process can be improved.

How do you think Antigo can be more open-ended for other users? I do not want Antigo to be literally a dictatorial nation with me as a leader trying to push users in one direction only. How do I also make the project more appealing to others? I believe the idea of mapping a dictatorship wouldn’t appeal to others, so how can this barrier be overcome?

For those who are coordinating a project (whether a FSA state or Khaiwoon), what strategies or framework have you adopted for managing the project? For those perviously or currently in a collaborative project, what keeps you in the project or why have you left it (besides having little time or anything else along those lines)? Should I focus on creating smaller-scale projects for users instead?))

By the way, I have also created this page on what other nations view Antigo within the OGF context.

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