Introducing Kuehong, a temperate and OGF version of Vietnam

Posted by zhenkang on 20 August 2019 in English (English).

Hi all. I am happy to announce that I managed to claim AR903, or what is called now Kuehong (Quê Hương 家园), a Vietnamese state, after further discussions with the regional admin. It is quite interesting to take a bit out of what was part of Commonia, but equally frustrating to delete and revise the road connections and ill-mapped settlements in the area. Not sure if this is part of admin’s plan to clean up Commonia, but oh well.

I am officially introducing this now just to alert some users who have accidentally changed the name of my country to Raintree River, and just a friendly reminder not to edit and rename the nearby territories as well! See wangi’s newest diary entry for details. I am also making some personal notes which I will like to share with everyone here. Feel free to suggest anything wrong with it, I am not using a nuke button (which is still in Antigo) to nuke you off the map.

Currently, the territory is now almost clean; just need to remove all name tags. I will also get started on the geography and making the states. Hopefully after that I will get work on a small port, where I can make ferry connections between Uletha and Archanta and eventually start collaboration projects with CARECU and EUOIA. Kuehong, given its location, has quite some potential to be a trading entrepot, and it isnt easy to be ignored.

About the culture, Kuehong will be largely similar to the Vietnamese culture, with the same food, (possibly) clothes (depends on the weather) and allusions to some well-known landmarks in Vietnam (summer palaces, Ha Long Bay etc).

What’s probably different is that there may not be a French presence in Kuehong (since it is relatively far away), but more emphasis on Chinese influences, since it was colonised by some oriental power in Orano before. The political situation will be quite different from actual Vietnam as well; it will be a relatively strong and efficient military junta instead of communism. Just expect a heavier military presence in the country, but otherwise, thanks to the military, the lives of the people generally improved with relatively good infrastructure. There will be also a notable Chinese presence in the country particuarly at the east.

Another difference is that Kuehong is on a higher lattitude than actual Vietnam itself. Still, it did not stop Kuehong from growing and exporting rice, so there are still rice paddy fields. The weather may be more similar to Taiwan instead; there may not be much snow but more cooler winds. Kuehong will also be affected by typhoons frequently since it is in relatively open sea.

Still, this project will be quite interesting, since I did not really have much solid knowledge on the language and culture. There are quite a number of differences between Kuehong and Vietnam which I will like to point out in this diary entry. Hopefully, I hope someone out there can further educate me on Vietnamese culture, tell me their experience in Vietnam or offer any further suggestions regarding this territory.

Tam Biêt!

Zhen Kang (Z.K.)

(Former cartographer in Antigo, he has recently managed to defect and emigrate to Kuehong)

Location: 28.409, 159.474

Comment from Megacity2005Creator on 21 August 2019 at 21:52

Defect from Antigo- lol.

Good luck with Kuehong! -Megacity

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