Announcing the Bai Project

Posted by zhenkang on 12 February 2021 in English (English).

Blessed greetings and a Happy Lunar New Year to all!

It is with great pleasure to officially launch the Bai Project today. The Bai Project consists of a group of East Asian nations set in Northern Archanta. In addition to the Bai Empire, there will be two other homelands for the Koreans and Japanese launched in a later stage. A strong regional power with a growing economy and huge population, the Empire will greatly influence the regional history and culture. The Bai Empire is a modern semi constitutional Chinese monarchy, different from modern China we know of.

The project will be launched in three phases. Currently, the first phase, which consists of 13 provinces and 3 municipalities (see attached province map), is available for mapping and collaboration. Anyone with a background and understanding of Chinese culture and history is welcome to join in the project. Interested mappers can claim a territory of their own (see the project page for details of the provinces), or sign up to be part of the following three collaborative projects:

  • Its capital, 雄京 Xiongjing (marked purple on the map), is the cultural and political centre of the Empire. The capital will feature a “forbidden city” and a few historical sites, alongside “modern” government institutes like the upper and lower houses of the legislature and other government offices. The city is the latest capital to be constructed in the 18th century, still featuring old architecture but modernising into the present age

  • 日庆 Riqing (marked red in the top left corner) will be the more “modern” city in the region of Phase I, based on Tianjin. A key commercial centre on the northern coast, it offers an opportunity for rail enthusiasts to work on a possible extensive rail network for a major town.

  • 东海港 Port Dunghoi (meaning East Sea Port, marked in orange) will be a major port of the empire. It will be modelled mainly on Guangzhou (like plenty of manufacturing zones), but the coastal areas could be inspired by Macau and Hong Kong. A major port on the west coast, the city and the surrounding region of Dong’an will be Cantonese speaking.

Interested mappers can send me a message to request taking part, offer suggestions for this project or ask any other questions. I hope to have a great time working with others on this interesting project.

Once again Happy Lunar New Year to all!

Zhen Kang (Z.K.)

Comment from KTheBritMC on 12 February 2021 at 09:22

I look forward to seeing how this goes! It’s great to see some variety in culture instead of a typical European colonial world.

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