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The country names in histor style?

Posted by yoyo21 on 15 July 2019 in English (English)

Hello OGF, I am wondering: why are certain country names in OGF not showing up or showing up incorrectly in histor style layer? A few examples:

*Elhadia, but Karolia shows up on the map even though it hasn't been in this location for years.

*AR017, which shows up as Dandria (which is a lost country).

*Karolia shows up as Wabinaar, which was lost years ago. Zoom in one more level, and quite oddly, both Wabinaar and Karolia's names show up.

Why does this happen?

Problem with motorway in Commonia

Posted by yoyo21 on 22 May 2019 in English (English)

Hello OGF community,

Can somebody with JOSM please revert changeset 726734 please? Somebody added a massive motorway right down the spine of Commonia that definitely vandalizes several towns such as Feilerville and Colbrook. The motorway that was mapped was done so without the thinking of how it logistically affected the areas it passed through, as most of the motorway was built over surface roads with at-grade intersections and such.

I would do this myself, but I don't have JOSM, and piecing the old highways back together would be too hard due to the motorway being built in ONE MASSIVE SEGMENT FOR HUNDREDS OF KILOMETERS.

I do not think the user had any ill-intention at all. Rather, I think the user may just have simply not been familiar with the site rules and with the geography of the area the motorway passed through.

Thank you to everyone and happy mapping,


Any possible way to see past versions of OGF?

Posted by yoyo21 on 16 July 2018 in English (English)

I have been wondering if it is possible to see the OGF world as it was in the far past (relative to this site), such as say, 2015. (I'm not really looking for a certain date.) I think it would be cool to see how OGF has changed since then.

The only thing I have found is going to past versions of the overview map and seeing the different country shapes in certain areas (it looks extremely different in the AR120 area), but current mapping is shown underneath the country shapes. The mapping back then is what I would want to see, as it is hard to track down origins of old mapping. (I'm not looking to find the date that certain pieces of mapping were created either.)

I know this probably isn't realistic, but is there a way?

Why is this happening?

Posted by yoyo21 on 5 June 2018 in English (English)

Hi, I own the state of Tulpanen, and I have found what appears to be some sort of a glitch on the map here:

East Lee, Tulpanen

Look at Broadway to the west of the motorway. Why is there only half of the route number square? This has been here for at least two weeks now, so it's not like the map is just updating.

Also, this only appears at that zoom level, and isn't visible if you zoom in or out.

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