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History of Xochimalta

Posted by Juan Pablo Balam on 28 July 2021 in English (English)

Hello, I am owner a territory called Xochimalta (, but I really have any questions about the possible history of the country, I would like to know what suggestions or what articles they talk about it. Xochimalta is a country with Mediterranean influences, Castellanese language, the most widespread religion is Christianity (more specific Catholicism), tropical climate (I know that in the real world a country like this on the equator is not real :( ), the territory is on Free Island (West Uletha). I have planned a time with monarchies, others with foreign invasions and the creation of a republic. I'm just not sure who the ancestors of that place are, and if the colonial era is a good idea? If a friend of OFG wants to make a suggestion about my mapping or Xochimaltan History , your opinion is welcome!

Have a nice day :)

Old versions of OGF maps?

Posted by DudeMap555 on 25 July 2021 in English (English)

Are there any older archives of the OGF map/website?

The Internet archive, while functional, only goes to a certain zoom level. -DMP5

Mapping 3rd World Countries

Posted by AustinofOketia on 21 July 2021 in English (English)

I am curious, what are some features in a map that screams 3rd world? Are there any examples of OGF users that have built a 3rd world country. My dream country to map is an island nation that was once poor during the 1800s but after colonization it was turned into a trading metropolis. My goal is to map out an old town with ruins on the far side of the island nation, and a slum district.

Surged or Plunged? Tan Kong Island is the best place for financial adventure

Posted by Hilsonbergman on 16 July 2021 in English (English)

Hi everyone,

Have mapped a lot in recent days, and I would take a break for other issue. But before that, I would like to present Tan Kong Island, my recent work.

It is just a grand planning, no details. I will finish the tram and metro system when I'm back. I know someone would say the island is a plagiarism of real world Hong Kong Island but I would not agree. It is just a homage. To be honest, yes, Tan Kong has carried many of my childhood memories, some places on the island looks similar to somewhere on Hong Kong Island before 1997 but has became history for some reasons, reconstruction, reclamation etc. I think this is my way to say goodbye to the city I born, I grew up and beloved. There are also some features only exists in my imagination such as a oil refinery plant which the idea comes from New Jersey. It provides job for Tan Kong's working class and balance the economic structure.

However Tan Kong is still the home of Tan Kong Stock Exchange, and multiple commodity futures. Most financial activities gather at Intown, Ha Wan Tsai, Naval, and Yau Wan. If there is any multinational company wants to set up headquarter, regional headquarter, just let me know by message, I will map them.

I will stop here. Happy mapping!

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New Cities on a New Island

Posted by Midori Gurinishi on 14 July 2021 in English (English)

This morning, I made a new city on the northern island of what I want to become an archipelago. Anyway, the new city is called Sato. It is off of Ishidashima Route 1. I also added some farmland to Nagashima County.


Posted by Knallersims on 13 July 2021 in German (Deutsch)

Hello everybody, I would like set some islands in the sea (within my country), but unfortunealy it´s never shown at the map. I tried it with "natural, coastline", "landuse-island" and changed the settings at the multipolygolon Can anybody helps me? Thanks a lot.

Severin History

Posted by Seybold on 4 July 2021 in English (English)

I started the City of Severin some weeks ago. Today i will write something of the history of the Town.

Severin is a City with history in goldmining and further processing of gold. It was founded by Hanso Severin. In the City are many goldsmiths, jeweler and watchmakers. Southwest of the City is still a active goldmine. With this history it´s not a surprise that there is a Museum of Goldsmith and Gold Mining.

In the East is a near border with a border crossing Point. It is still a very important trade Route.

This is a historical basis of Severin. I will present further details of the City in the next weeks.

Position of Severin

Thornsbury - and suburbian pandemonium?

Posted by Bavarian on 3 July 2021 in English (English)

Recently, I've come to a decision to join this site. Me being a bit familiar with road jargon - and an urge to fulfill my passion of mapping with the help of a seemingly friendly community would at least be able to create a town without some sort of intramural dilemma, right?


Welcome to Thornsbury - a town that I had envisioned to not be a calamity of biblical proportions, but unforunately it seems I had my brain tied up as the inclination of having your town noticed by other people felt so pleasurable. Even this is wrong - and obstructs your actual passion; switching it for attention seeking.

In conclusion - I'd like some helpful aid on what I could call a blunder on my part. If this isn't exactly suitable for a diary entry, then I'll take to something else to figure out how I could lodge Thornsbury into a less, crowded suburbian clutter.

Bavarian, your local bankrupt salesman

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The July 2021 Geolympiad Mapoff

Posted by Lithium-Ion on 1 July 2021 in English (English)

Since October, I've been hosting mapoffs (Similar to mapping challenges) on the unofficial discord for ogf. After some discussion with admin and other users, it was decided that the mapoff would be used in order to reboot the Geolympics. As such, this is being posted here so that all users are able to see it.

The July 2021 Mapoff is The Geolympics.

Based on some recent discussions, among others arising from the orphaned state of the wiki in this regard, we are reviving the "Geolympics".

The idea is to have a more or less consistent list of cities which held the games. Obviously backed by a reasonable amount of mapping. For that reason this edition of the map-off will be geolympics-themed. It couldn't be easier: Map a geolympic venue. Summer or Winter games, both count. (If anyone has a shrewd idea about spring or fall games, let us know. Maybe a 1000sqft raking contest?)

Just check the RW games from the time you plan to map and see what infrastructure is needed. Usually a big stadium as the centerpiece, a village for the athletes and some more locations for other sports, like tennis courts, water venues, ski jumps, alpine pistes, etc. You also need some public and private transport infrastructure. This is further detailed down in the rest of the wiki page. Your entry does not need to be completely new, as there's no good reason to exclude good mapping from becoming canon. We have not yet finally decided how to deal with the existing ones, but I think we can agree that a bit of incentive to improve it a bit more is never a bad idea. This means that if you submitted an entry under the old bid system that isn't listed on the bottom of the page, go ahead and re-visit it, spruce it up, and enter it in this contest!

If you're a small country, which would normally be a barrier to hosting the geolympics, it may still be possible for you to enter. We assume that there's a fund that helps pay for Geolympics in smaller countries, but, of course, this only goes so far, so while some small nations could host (Qennes, Cabelia, etc) some nations will be too small (Iscu, Niscavo, Kotel, etc), and some nations may be too unstable (Bromley, Antigo, etc). If you're in a large collaborative like the FSA or Ardencia, there's no special procedure for entries. It's "every territory for itself". ⠀ In the end, the entries will be voted on. First, a committee will eliminate any entries that do not meet the criteria for a good venue. Then, the community will get to vote on what they consider to be the top three entries, in order to determine the best. The top three winners then get the right to pick their preferred year. The rest of the approved entries will be assigned a year, taking into account their preference. More detail will be provided when it comes time to vote. BUT: Now it gets fancy. Making up arbitrary lore is boring. We already have some and also need some more constraints. One of them are the winter games, which need to be on certain latitudes, North or South. That leads to the February or August time slot. Leaving the other slot for the Summer games. And that on the other land leads to the hemisphere of the Summer games to be determined already. (This is all based on the plan to hold the games every 4 years, summer and winter in the same year, but not at the very same time.) Also we would like to try to have a bit rotation through the continents. But we'll see that once we see how many participants are there anyway.

Something to think about is the year you want to have your city host the Geolympics in. Not every entry can be in the 21st century, so why not give mapping an older geolympics a try? There's still a lot of stuff to map, and you get to figure out how the city incorporated the infrastructure into itself after the games, which presents a whole new range of options to work with that aren't the same old stadiums and venues. ⠀ Feel free to criticize any of these ideas, we are open to well thought ideas and also happy if you report any flaw in our plans. But also accept that at the end we must decide for a set of rules and it's not guaranteed to make everybody happy.

As a side note, could someone come up with a new name for this thing? It sounds to close to the original for us. Also, if anyone has a revolutionary idea for the flag, please don't be shy.

Please read in order to make sure that you include everything that is needed for a realistic Geolympics.

The mapoff ends August 8th. Get mapping!

  • The OGF Geolympic Committee (TheMayor, Toadwart, Lithium-Ion, and wangi)
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Summer 2021 Reconstruction of Midistland – Forum thread open

Posted by eklas on 23 June 2021 in English (English)

Hi everyone,

you are invited to participate in discussion about the new Midistland project, which I would like to organize over the course of this summer. I have started a forum thread and compiled all my personal opinions and ideas in this document.

See you in the forum! For East Uletha, this has been Eklas.

Closing Midistland

Posted by eklas on 16 June 2021 in English (English)

Hello, OGF community (and new mappers in particular),

I'd like to inform you that from July 1st, 2021, the territory of Midistland will be closed for editing by new users. The status of the territory will change from blue (public) to purple (collaborative). Users that have already been working on the territory will be allowed to continue doing so, but are advised not to start new projects.

The reason for this change is that I would like to start some kind of discussion about potential better use for the territory: Midistland is in an important location, it is the "gateway to East Uletha", yet its current state leaves a lot to be wished for. I would like the discussion to take place on the OGF forum; in the following days I will try to gather some opinions and ideas that I have and form them into a proper announcement. Anyone that would be interested to take part in the reconstruction of the territory is welcome to do the same – I'm hoping we can open the discussion at the end of June / very beginning of July, and maybe even get to work later in the summer.

For East Uletha, this has been Eklas. Have a nice day!

hey bestie

Lack of valid certificate and JOSM

Posted by Rustem Pasha on 5 June 2021 in Albanian (Shqip)

As everyone certainly noticed since yesterday the Opengeofiction site is labeled as insecure. I hope the issue will be resolved in reasonable period of time however now it makes impossible to upload and download files with the most typical version of JOSM (.jar files, used also in Windows JOSM installator).

Using hit and miss method I found simple solution to that problem. Go here: and download the .jnlp version of JOSM. It is slightly more annoying to use (starts longer, for Apple computers users it may appear a bit blurry) but at least remembers all settings and plugins from .jar version. After you try to upload and download using .jnlp version you will receive the window with the content pretty similar to the one from web browsers where you can allow JOSM to download and upload from "insecure" website called OGF.

Happy Mapping

Der Ursprung der Republik Bakurthie

Posted by can25agac on 5 June 2021 in German (Deutsch)

Der Name Bakurthie wurde erstmals im Jahre 1247 erwähnt. Er stammt von den ersten Siedlern, welche über den See in Sankye ankamen. Übersetzt bedeutet er 'Berge und Flüsse'. So bezeichneten die Siedler das unerforschte Land südlich ihrer Siedlung. Dies kam daher dass wenn man von Sankye in den Süden blickte, das über 200 Kilometer entfernte Gebirge bereits klar sehen könnte und ebenso auch die zahlreichen Flüsse, die in der Passage zwischen Bergen und dem See entsprangen.

Location: -26,964, 166,687

Tarott progress (and a reminder: "controlled" collaborative territories!)

Posted by joschi81 on 30 May 2021 in English (English)

Hello everybody,

My idea of making Kalm (and my neighbouring countries) a "strictly controlled" collaborative territory does not seem to work so far. I am thankful for the positive feedback for this idea and also for the work that has done and the porposals that have been made for Kalm. But this is a reminder: If you're interested in working with me in my territoires, just let me know and see this diary entry.

Family and work still don't leave much time for OGF.

For the moment I try to find 1-2 hours per week to continue my work in Tarott. For example, there is Neubunsort, a strictly car-free artificial island under construction. And I work on two long planned railway connections: The east-west connection under the harbour (now open!) and the new north-south tunnel (via Kulzertor station, now finally under construction). By the way, the current Hauptbahnhof (main station) in Tarott (the former "Viaduktbahnhof") is in "interim solution" introduced in 1991, but due to many delay it will last until at least 2027!

Kind regards

Suggestions open for the layout of Xiongjing, Glorious Capital of the Great Bai Empire

Posted by zhenkang on 30 May 2021 in English (English)

Dear all,

This diary entry is to invite all OGF mappers to submit ideas for the city layout of Xiongjing, the glorious great capital of the mighty Bai Empire.

Previously, I was pretty unsatisfied with the old layout I have drawn out, which limited possible developments of the city. So, lacking ideas at the moment, I decided to raze the capital to the ground, save for a few government buildings within a 4km square and a railway station.

Xiongjing is a master-planned city, specifically designed to house the modern government institutions of the newly-established Middle Bai Dynasty in the 17th century.

Users can submit their ideas in this diary entry with their explanations. Other users can also provide input on the proposed layouts suggested. Attached below is a screenshot of the city interested users can work on.


The citizens of Xiongjing and the Bai Empire will be grateful for any input.

Long live the Empire!

Zhen Kang (Z.K.)

Location: 22.003, 150.121

Feedback on Schools & Industrial Road Sizing Gaps

Posted by MOI N on 26 May 2021 in English (English)


Ages since i posted, but in Point Fern, i'm struggling to get the ideal sizes for schools, and i know some are off. Really useful would be some sort of ideal scale for each kind of school (Primary, Intermediate, High)

Also School sizes are different in different suburbs btw.


Area I'm talking about

I have sectioned off a section near the main retail area for Industrial, but i'm not sure if i've put the roads too far apart from each other, in general.

Location: -22.196, 16.850

Coastline rendering?

Posted by MiePrzKom on 13 May 2021 in English (English)


It's been a while since OGF got better by removing histor and topo layers, but also coastlines stopped re-rendering at zooms 9 and lower. This can be a bit annoying, with best example being islands in Plevia:

and Ginnungaoyar:

I think that re-rendering all coastlines once for about two weeks would be a reasonable solution.


Unnecessary boundary relations?

Posted by uslashcloudycandy on 12 May 2021 in English (English)

Hello, I am the owner of the country Rockland in South Archanta (AR050-16) and I've noticed two boundary relations marking the borders of the country: Rockland, 130251 and Slerren, 130260 .

(Slerren is the country's former name.)

What is the purpose of the second one? Does it need to exist? I've looked in other countries in the region and they only have one boundary relation, tagged the same way as Rockland, 130251 . Can I delete Slerren, 130260 , or does it need to stay?

Thanks, uslashcloudycandy

Location: -24.638, 166.502

Developing German-styled "Innenstädte"

Posted by tule00 on 3 May 2021 in English (English)

Hey everyone,

I've been drawing German-styled cities for years now, and many of them look decent, but none of them have that characteristic inner city well mapped. I know roughly how those develop historically, but there isn't any guide on how to map those developments.

I've been told that I should start from the main square and then develop "blocks" -- spaces in between streets. Then, the streets should follow the borders of the blocks. This advice seems good, but it'd be nice if there were a more detailed guide on how to do that -- for example, I have no idea how to develop blocks.

If someone experienced enough could explain this whole process, we could use this entry on the wiki in the help/resources section.

Thanks in advance.

(Re-)introducing Mecyna

Posted by The_Cute_Chick on 1 May 2021 in English (English)

Mecyna 2.0

Mecyna is the second supervised open collaborative territory in OpenGeofiction (OGF) (indicated blue on the OGF:Territory overview map). All mappers are welcome to contribute! However unlike other blue territories, there are no restrictions as to what can or cannot be mapped outside of 2 rules:

  1. The OGF rules apply (as it does elsewhere on OGF); and
  2. Mapping must not be deleted.

This means:

  • mapping your large metropolis;
  • implementing your visions to what has already been mapped [without it being destructive to existing mapping]; or
  • connecting settlements with motorways, railways, and/or rivers (links are tips to drawing them well).

My role as co-ordinator includes helping new users improve their mapping and making the territory more coherent. New users editing in the territory are also free to contact me for mapping or mapping-related technical assistance (such as with using the iD (the in-browser editor) and JOSM editors.

See the co-ordination page for more details:

1/5/21 Mecyna

Happy mapping and the 1st of May!

–TCC, co-ordinator of Mecyna

Location: -24.774, 144.915
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