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Need some quick help!

Posted by JoJoBa on 15 June 2019 in English (English) The grass overlaps over the wood area, but the two smaller wood areas are acting as they should. I still don't know why is it so.

Now, yes, I did placed the grass over the wood, put I thought the grass would go under the wood, as in most cases. What I am dong wrong?

Failure uploading to OGF

Posted by Rhiney boi on 15 June 2019 in English (English)

Full text:


Uploading to the server failed because your current dataset violates a precondition. The error message is: ResponseCode=412, Error Header=<Precondition failed: Relation with id 80936 cannot be saved due to Way with id 9828077


After searching the OGF-data, I found that:

1.Relation 80936 is the FSA Land Area (which was changed in my dataset by splitting a way) 2.Way 9828077 was a coastline way in Arghenna.

Any help here?

Natural Features

Posted by DaveMaps9876 on 15 June 2019 in English (English)

Hi guys, So I do OGF on a chromebook. I was recently mapping [these]{} forests and the chromebook lagged ALOT. It was lagging so much, it is almost impossible to do any edits. So can some one edit the natural features for me? It would be great help. Contact me and I can tell you what you do.

Thanks! Dave

OGF:Mapper's Cup

Posted by JoJoBa on 14 June 2019 in English (English)

Hello! So I made a talk-page about a little contest for all of our mappers. I won't say much here, go to for more info!

Basically, every mapper that is eligible to participate and wants after all, is given a random theme to map about, which other participants send to the draw host. There is a voting and it's very similar to the EuroVision one. (which was my inspiration for this).

If you have any questions, you can ask here, but it would be better if you did so on !

Edit: Just to note, you don't edit a whole territory in the given theme, but rather a defined space.

Thank you and happy mapping!


Posted by William on 13 June 2019 in English (English)

Hi there!

Since I changed the name and the location of my country (Montran>Nordmark), please update all yours references to my country, either on the map or on the Wiki.

Also here:

I would be very grateful to you!!!

Happy mapping,


Location: 57.035, 141.141

Capital City - Streets gone mad

Posted by Duncan on 12 June 2019 in English (English)

So, I recently got a new territory (thanks, admin), and there was already the beginnings of a city in it. I decided to re-purpose this as my capital, but BOY are these streets a mess. I'm not sure what the previous owner was thinking. Even using them as older-style, European-type streets that got their beginnings as pathways still requires loads of straightening and reconnecting and such. Also, there are no names, which is something I have yet to rectify.

Location: -46.932, 144.996

Unauthorized edits

Posted by oof boi on 11 June 2019 in English (English)

Should this really be here? I was looking around history when I found it. In a do not edit and the person who did it had no other edits made.

Location: -14.959, -56.744

The Trumpets of the Apocalypse - A Nightmare of Civil Engineering

Posted by MisterBean on 8 June 2019 in English (English)

Ladies and gentlemen - please spare two or three minutes of your time to take a look at UL151's - and perhaps the world's - most horrendous and intimidating rural motorway intersection.

When one asks "What happens if you start a major infrastructural project and then begin executing the engineers involved every year, forcing the replacement to start anew", most residents of the provincial town of Dalhuse answer "Project 852", or how the "Dalhuse Motorway Intersection and Exit No. 27 Complex" was called in the parlance of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Roads during its construction phase.

The work began in 1976 and was intended to take no more than 18 months, constructing a cloverleaf for the exit from the M2 motorway to the national road T2 and a semi-cloverleaf for the fork between the M2 and the newly-built M3. In the end, it would take almost forty years, in which the two simple intersections outgrew into a dangling Lovecraftian mess of unnecessary ramps and wrongly-marked exits built around the two trumpet-type junctions at its northern end.

It all started when a New Years' prank gone wrong resulted in the burning of the original blueprints and the subsequent internment of the engineering and management team in a "Labor Rehabilitation Facility", as most torture and death camps in the country were called at that time. The specialists who came to their replacement had to start anew, with nothing but hand-drawn and badly-annotated sketches at their disposal.

The work almost came to a standstill in 1978, as the Ministry of Infrastructure failed to deliver the supplies requested by the new chief engineer in time. Dissatisfied by the progress of Project 852 during his summer inspection trip, then-President Einar Thorbjørnsen had the second team rounded up and summarily executed near the village of Rudensdal. Their replacement only held for three months, until an ill-sighted foreman misread a sketch, resulting in the need to demolish and completely replace a wrongly-constructed ramp.

Picture from a recording of a 2013 traffic accident on the intercharge.

More and more workers - mostly political prisoners, serfs, peasants and slaves rented out from labor camps and estates in the southern parts of the country - had to be sent to the site, and the barracks quickly became overcrowded and filthy. The third purge came in the winter of 1982, when an epidemy of cholera killed four fifths of the laborers. In his rage, Thorbjørnsen ordered that the whole construction is "burned to the ashes and rebuilt from the beginning" - under his personal direction.

The President, who knew absolutely nothing about engineering or accounting, spent the summer holidays of 1983 in Dalhuse. This cost the state three times the original project price, as off-lanes and road bridges were demolished, rebuilt and demolished again overnight, up to ten times in a row and according to His Excellency's mood and taste.

The "Bloody Easter" of 1987, a "minor overthrow" which brought the current dictator Theodor Lynden Frankenstein's uncle and predecessor Edmund Olsen to power, entailed the detonation of a thermobaric charge on site by the paramilitary Gendarmerie (which stayed loyal to Thorbjørnsen). The intercharge was almost finished at that point - but it was completely destroyed in the process.

Olsen stayed disinterested in the project until 1992 - the remains of construction machines slowly began to rust. It was a trip to a factory near the city of Tolling which showed the President the deplorable state the intercharge was in. Olsen sent the 800 remaining workers to work camp and sent a "Military Construction Brigade" to Dalhuse. The project seemed to come back to life, this time for good - but in 1995, the Ministry of Defence transferred all engineers involved to a nuclear weapon factory in the northern province of Rødrikslag, deserting the construction site once again.

President Olsen, terminally ill at that state, found no replacement at this time. As such, he was forced to hire the foreign contractor Global Roadworks, a dubious multinational company which used road construction as a cover to massive money-laundering operations. The government refused to understand that no serious firm would work with them. In his naïvity, Olsen refused to have lawyers check the background of Global Roadworks.

It was not until 2000 that the true nature of the "external planning and construction partner" could be revealed. Brigadier Martin Kowatsch, an aide of the Minister of Infrastructure, set off to inspect the Dalhuse site only to discover that "within 5 years, nothing was built but 3 ramps, all leading literally nowhere". There were "mountains" of rubble and rusting construction equipment everywhere, blocking the workers.

At that time, the residents of the province began using the term "Your own 852" when describing dire and comical failures.

Under the premise of needing help with his son's homework, Kowatsch asked one of the "engineers" a mathematical question. "The man did not know what an integral or a first derivative is, he could not even solve a simple square equation", Kowatsch recalls, "At that point, I finally understood that he and his colleagues had never seen a technical university or trade school from inside".

The debacle seemed to be final this time. Failing to realize that word had spread not only around the country but also around the world, the government kept disseminating propaganda of the "brave and hardworking men" toiling to complete "one of the country's most advanced and modern road works".

It was not until Edmund Olsen retired and the current dictator, Theodor Lynden Frankenstein, was inaugurated that measures were taken. The contract with Global Roadworks was terminated without payment (this would lead to massive lawsuits).

Still, the nation's nuclear program and numerous other "black projects" kept most of the engineers occupied, and those who were avaliable boycotted Project 852 even under threats of torture and amputation, claiming that the intercharge was "haunted" and "posessed by demons". As such, Frankenstein and the project chief he appointed, Dr. Herbert Jakobsen, had to search for the qualified personnel in the immediate area. Along with local stonemasons and electricians turned into "accredited engineers" overnight, the final phase of the construction employed 16 middle school teachers who helped with drafting and important calculations.

As another demolition was deemed "not only too costly but potentially destructive to the moral of the whole country" because the local government "was basically turning into more and more of a laughing stock", the final team chose to "save what could still be saved" by completing the erratically drawn lanes their predecessors had devised.

Delivery hardships postponed the opening until 2008, but there were no "major problems or incidents" during that time. Local residents recall that the atmosphere of the opening celebration "resembled that of a funeral". Over the years, the simple project had turned into the "nightmare of every motorist" as engineers failed to actually understand how it would feel to drive on the intersections. In 2010, over 10 road signs had to be replaced because they sported the wrong text.

Still today, drivers try to avoid the "Project 852" area, clogging up country roads instead - mainly because they fear accidents.

In the first months of the intercharge's function, 87 fatalities were recorded, giving the project its name "The Trumpets of the Apocalypse", in reference to the Relevation of John.

Part of the barracks that housed the workers was turned into a motorway service station that quickly became infamous for its disgusting food, contaminated fuel and lack of water and electricity. Nevertheless, the tick-ridden "Avtostop Motel Dalhuse" is the last hope for many truck and bus drivers who get caught in a nightly traffic jam.

What do you think? What are your country's most scandalous infrastructural projects?

Location: 66,969, 63,907

Cuisines around the world?

Posted by austinhuang on 7 June 2019 in English (English)

I'm currently mapping a commercial area downtown and would love to see restaurants that represent different cultures. However, despite some detailed description of cuisines of several countries (like Kojo), there is just a general lack of idea of what people in each country eat.

I'm not encouraging overwikification here - As this is a necessity for commercial development - so, if you have an idea, describe your cuisine in just a few sentences, so that I - and possibly others on the same path - would get an idea of what restaurants to put, instead of just fast food, y'kno.

So what landuse is Recreational complexes under?

Posted by plainoldbread on 6 June 2019 in English (English)

I looked at some in my city and one of them is marked under commercial and the other one isn't. I'm quite confused which landuse fits with a Recreational Complex.

Hi everybody

Posted by oof boi on 6 June 2019 in English (English)

HI fellow mappers,

This is not a post to criticize anything. I just want to congratulate everyone on what you have done. If you have not already, just take a second to look and see what you made. It is a really good feeling to see what you have made and what it looks like! Anyways, keep mapping and making this world better and more detailed(remember - details matter!).

Regards, oof boi

Open territory

Posted by Fayaan on 5 June 2019 in English (English)


while waiting for my own territory I started working on a small part of Mecyna. I used it primarily to work on my JOSM skills (there is a big difference between using JOSM for mapping satellite images in OSM and using it when you have to set scales etc in OGF). But I find it difficult to proceed as Mecyna has a lot of unfinished towns, roads going nowhere and making no sense, Mecyna is missing a good topography layout, .... I don't want to destroy other peoples work but what is already on the map limits what I can do.

Therefore my question: are there any suggestions for 'open' or collaborative regions to work on? I would like to map in European style and prefer a doable small city + rural region over a big city. Any suggestions are appreciated so that I can practice a little before getting my own region.

Location: -24.531, 144.536

Some Building in Commonia

Posted by Duncan on 5 June 2019 in English (English)

Hello! New user here! I have extended some existing highways into a blank space, and laid out the primary highways and some new rail lines for a small city (Renfield). I am hoping not to interfere with anyone else's projects, so I have not altered any existing towns (with the exception of the small town of Bromsburg, and the only edit I did there was to put in a bus station on an already existing street, since this town is the closest existing settlement to the site of Renfield. I left plenty of space between my other edits and Bromsburg. I established a small village called Bromsburg Junction where the road to Bromsburg ended confusingly at a railroad. There is also a highway at this junction now, which wiggles along following the railroad, as highways often do, to Renfield.) There was absolutely nothing else within miles of Renfield, so, again, hoping not to interfere.

(Location shown is the center of Renfield.)

Location: 12.404, 153.192


Posted by Fox Tails on 3 June 2019 in English (English)

I finally requested a territory while following the little instructions per request.

...aaaand obviously it had to be reserved. I checked just now. R.I.P.. All the other territories available are tiny and you can barely do anything with them.

Bonnatale Island, Arcacadina

Posted by TheAquaBarron on 3 June 2019 in English (English)

Made for the town of Bonnatale, the island would serve that town but it currently is serving nothing. I don't know if I entered the id wrong or something but I can't see the island in its place outside of the 5 mi, 10 km view or it just disappears. I'm scared to start editing on the island in-case the edits them selves disappear after a certain distance, but I just don't know what else to do.

Location: -24.608, 167.197

What is the largest city of OGF? ¿Cuál es la ciudad más grande?

Posted by Rick on 2 June 2019 in Spanish (Español)

hola, Saludos desde México.

Quisiera saber cuál es la Ciudad más grande de OGF para visitarla y observar como esta construida, tengo un proyecto de Ciudad de Barranquillo en Rhododactilya y quisiera ver más, para ver que debo de construir más.

Hello greetings from Mexico.

I would like to know which is the largest city of OGF to visit and see how it is built, I have a project of Barranquillo City in Rhododactilya and I would like to see more, to see what I should build more.

Use el traductor de Google. Use the Google translator.

'Lava' Water Glitch

Posted by jbobinman on 1 June 2019 in English (English)

As some of you may notice, All the inland Lakes, lagoons, straits, canals, basically any water that isn't the ocean is now Bright red. Does anybody know how and why this is happening?

It can't be a changeset, because the only red thing is a Trunk Road, but the 'lava' water is even brighter than that.

I throughly believe that we are being raided. If an admin could explain this, I would appreciate that.


Neu-Erneerik Hauptbahnhof (main railway station)

Posted by tule00 on 31 May 2019 in English (English)


Hello everyone,

Recently I have been working a bit on the main railway station in Neu-Erneerik. It is meant to be the railway hub of the west coast of Midistland, and the west end of the Neu-Erneerik--Bend railway section, with regular train and high speed (Alta Velocidad) connections to Bend main railway station.

What I intend to do is add more crossover tracks, a railyard/service area in between the station and Bendstraße, and finish the basic railway network in the city.

Is it a good station for the second-largest city in the country?

Is it good for high-speed railways?

I'd like to hear your thoughts.

Happy mapping!


Posted by ADB52 on 29 May 2019 in English (English)

Had a crash on the PC which wiped out my JOSM settings. Managed to get most things back to the way I had them, with one exception: when I ask to download an area, I get a real-life map (of somewhere in Russia). The FAQ gives an indication, but that does not work. It's no great problem, but a little hint would come in useful.


Dividing the Project into two parts.

Posted by TheAquaBarron on 29 May 2019 in English (English)

Today out of nowhere, instead of finishing up some of my routes that needs attention, or finishing up the road networks in Ykphane, I moved further north to work on the large island that sits in the North of Aracadiana. For one I had no intention of working on the island until I move one of my major highways up there, but I decided to start working on it. Further-more I am beginning to lay out some of the major roads that will soon be a basis of Corona and Madansky (Both areas will occupy the northern half but not yet existing). But I have a question for y'all to decide upon, Should I continue on my work in the South, or finish the island and connect it to the already existing infrastructure? But trust me there isn't much there to connect to so that's why this question is important, But otherwise thank y'all very much in advance and Happy Mapping!

The cords aren't exact so if it zooms you all the way in, Please zoom out to see the full picture..

Location: -24.142, 166.751
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