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How to fix this?

Posted by Geoc3ladus on 31 March 2020 in English (English)

I tried making a mountain sketch and this happened:


I was editing in Potlatch 2 and was making a mountain sketch, I want the little forest icons to only appear in the forest. What do I do?

Conworkshop, a website with an useful framework for creating conlangs

Posted by MisterBean on 31 March 2020 in English (English)

Seeing that it would be nice to see more original conlangs and to flesh out the existing ones here, I would like to show you a website I registered at one and a half years ago.

Conworkshop helps you to build a phonetic inventory, grow your vocabulary and even define conjugation and declension rules that can be applied automatically.

I believe that many users of the website would also potentially be interested in OGF and raise the average quality of work.

Here's my current progress on Medwedian:

Calling for foreign companies to operate in Vang Ngat, Kuehong

Posted by zhenkang on 31 March 2020 in English (English)

Hello all. Here's a formal request calling for production companies who wants to set up their overseas operations in Vang Ngat, Kuehong, which is the economic powerhouse for the country. If you want, do a somewhat mini-advert in the comments!

Operations can be for assembly, manufacturing and/or maintenance. Transportation links (rail and road) will be provided the sites proposed, if they have not yet been mapped.

This is a call specifically for some manufacturing industries, like electronics, locomotives, aircraft, ship building, automobile, which can provide for both military and civilian use. The Kuehongese military will be glad to welcome companies able to help develop its military for further peacekeeping purposes.

Places and sites may be limited, so other companies, which may not be able to get a place in Vang Ngat, will get another site somewhere else in Kuehong. Successful companies will be notified via DMs. You can propose a site or request me to arrange for you one, and also state whether you are able to build one in Kuehong or require me to build one myself.

If you have any further questions, also place in the comments and I will answer them.

Location: 30.226, 160.285

Download data from Josm

Posted by clik on 29 March 2020 in English (English)

Hello everyone! I need some technical help.

As a lot of my work on OGF is a copy of what I map on paper (which I personally find a lot more convenient), I am looking for a way to extract information from JOSM to get a file that I will be able to put on a program and print.

For example :

I would like to extract the relation of Egani's boundaries and coastline. Then I need to find a program to make a very high resolution image (tens of thousands of pixels) of the data with lines. After that I may print a very big paper representing the data and work on it with pens and pencils.

Problems : - I Don't know how to extract the data that way - I Don't know which program to use to represent the relation on very high quality - Am I using the right technique to reach my goal?

I have no idea if what I want if possible, I cross fingers. If you have other ideas, I will be happy to hear them.

Thank you in advance!


My Geofictional Journey So Far

Posted by Lithium on 28 March 2020 in English (English)

I've decided to write a little bit about how I came to OGF, because why not, and I figure it can shed some light on the recent discussions about new users, considering I joined only a few months ago.

How I came to OGF

I've always loved to make maps. I love seeing the world or country that I'm drawing come to life, to see it become something that could be real. In November of 2019, I was looking for ways to create my own country, ideally in a map maker of some sort. I didn't find OGF, instead, I came across Nationstates. I got involved in that, and still am, but I wanted to make a map of my Nationstates county, Zentata, more specifically the capital of Zylan (I was surprised to learn about Zylanda when I came here!). I searched, and searched, and eventually stumbled upon OGF.

Starting Out

When I first saw the opening popup, I thought, unlike most, I want to learn more (despite the fact that I thought that this was the best thing in the world). I've always been cautious with online accounts, because I don't want to create one that I won't use. I read the FAQ, and found a blue country, Midistiland, where I proceeded to map a slightly disturbing, sort of off scale town named Canthet I knew it was sort of off, so I asked for help. I got it. It was a bad scale, and strange looking, but could be worse. It was mostly delivered well, but I wanted to be part of more of the world and community, so I asked for a territory in Archanta. I asked for AR119, not having read the Territory Request page in enough detail. I then asked for AR054, but because of the fact that I didn't want to map in asian theme, I got shunted to Ardencia.

Conque, or, The Disastrous Mess

Trust me, I tried. I tried to have a good scale, but failed because I didn't use the OGF scale helper, which I now use a lot. I didn't look a OSM, because I didn't seem to realize how important that is (This should be emphasized when talking to new users). And I used all tertiary roads, a horrible error. My curves on the railway leave something to be desired. Okay, a lot to be desired. I did some decent rural mapping, but it was just too bad for me, I needed something more. I requested what is currently Elxity, but got rejected due to it not fitting the plans I submitted. During this time I also got repeatedly rejected a wiki account for good reason. So, I turned to collaboratives. I got involved in Alormen, and tried to pretend that I didn't own Conque. I mapped a much better town, which is in progress, and then decided to get a county in the Massodeyas. I succeeded.

Bloomfield County and Collaboratives

I got Bloomfield County and began mapping. I was still interested in more collaboration, a desire to help map a country, so I requested to be part of the Iondalba and Woolonia projects when they can be set up, and edited a bit in the Moonshine Islands, and did some stuff in Phoenix, as you all know. I tried to get the current Aperia, but was inevitably rejected, despite my plan, because I need to do more mapping, and I do, no doubt about it. I am curious when I'll be able to fully join the community, because I feel as though no matter how involved I try to be, until I get a state/territory, and a wiki account, the community is mostly closed off. It's sad, but with all the time I have, and my drive to improve, I hope that I'll soon feel like, if not an equal, then maybe a true OGF mapper. This website is amazing, and I'm so glad that I can be, in any respect, a part of this wonderful community, despite its flaws (for example, with the recent application process change, certain users have territories that they would not be able to get today. In response to this, I suggest going back to the old way partially. There would still be requirements like blue territory editing, but anyone could get a small-medium territory or state, but get put on a month or two probationary period where they would demonstrate proper values and mapping, and if they can't, they can be moved to a downsized beginner territory to improve. Obviously, this would need refinement, but would be better then the current system I think.). To finish, I'd just like to say that I love this unique, beautiful website, which is full of creative, and beautiful, and amazing realistic countries and mappers, and no matter what happens in the future, I'm glad I got some good edits in.

Any feedback is accepted. I promise to take it into account, because otherwise how can I become greater.

Location: -35.866, 149.596

Offering help with making conlangs

Posted by MisterBean on 28 March 2020 in English (English)

Seeing that still too many countries on OGF are unoriginal, English-speaking US analogues, I would like to offer my help creating conlangs and cultural descriptions.

While a fully functional conlang is not required for the purpose of creating toponyms, a significant vocabulary is.

Together, we will extrapolate the history of your country and decide upon the family and origin of the language(s). Then, I will proceed to create a Swadesh list and various toponym elements and write a list of sample place names (or place them into your country on the map).

It is easiest to derive a Romance or Germanic language by mixing, matching and applying sound changes, but of course, languages isolate are possible as well through appropriate use of word generators.

Please reply here or PM me if interested.

Constructive Criticism- we need to do better at the constructive part

Posted by Ernestpcosby on 28 March 2020 in English (English)

This started off as a response to Yuanls' recent diary (which I agree with wholeheartedly), but figured it was worth making a separate post.

Mapping improvement of any serious scale, especially for existing mapping is generally contingent on willingness to accept tips and feedback. I think a lot of the mappers who have been here for a while, including myself, are sometimes tempted to just blame new mappers for conflicts and a lack of receptiveness, but to be honest, in most cases, a lot of this is really contingent on how they're approached. While I 100% agree with Yuanls that we need to focus on fixing the front end in the expectations of new mappers, I also personally think all more-experienced mappers active in giving advice to newer mappers need to become much better at constructive criticism so that we're able to properly encourage newer mappers to improve rather than to fight us or to want to leave the site.

To be completely honest, the average critiquing style on OGF can often come across really toxic and condescending at times, which only grows the issue. Frankly, in addition to tweaks on the new mappers side, an "OGF:How to Give Constructive Respectful Feedback and Advice" page is probably in order for the older/more senior mappers here.

I've discovered even myself just these last couple months that a lot of newer mappers that can seem standoffish if confronted in an antagonistic manner are more than willing to take advice and tips if given directly, kindly, and with encouragement, acknowledgment of areas with potential, and respect. If our response to newer mappers is basically "your mapping is crap and you should feel bad", of course their response will be a defensive one rather than receptive. We don't want that. The spirit of the OGF experiment is one of collaboration and respect- and that spirit won't thrive, or frankly, survive, if we don't know how to approach mappers respectfully when giving feedback or advice.

My thoughts on the OGF interface

Posted by Yuanls on 27 March 2020 in English (English)

After the previous diary post, I have decided to compile my thoughts and ideas on interface changes that may help to better introduce and inform new OGF users.

Problem 1: The way OGF presents itself

When a new user visits the OGF site for the first time, a box appears. This box introduces OGF at a conceptual level, but no deeper.

OpenGeofiction is a map of an imaginary world, created by a community of worldbuilders. You can take part in this project too.

You are then presented with two options: to 'start mapping' and immediately sign up and begin, or to 'learn more' and read the FAQ page. The FAQ page, I will address later.

I imagine most people would be overjoyed that they found a free-for-all mapping site. I certainly was. Geofiction is a niche and specific hobby, and I figure most new users would be eager to map asap. The presence of the 'start mapping' button is a literal incentive to start mapping off the bat without consulting any information whatsoever. This is a problem.

So, first suggestion: remove the option to 'start mapping immediately'. Display one option only: 'Learn More'. Every new user needs to be aware of how OGF functions. It is still possible to create an account straight away, but the option is now less desirable and less visible. Fewer people will act out of compulsion.

Problem 2: The FAQ page

This page looks like a fridge instruction manual, or the contract you have to sign before you get a WhatsApp account. Seriously, has nobody thought about restructuring it?

When a new user opens up the FAQ page, they see a wall of text. This doesn't sell OGF very well to new users. 'Getting started' is 7 sections long, and 'Mapping basics' is 18 sections long. What's worse, the actual, useful About OGF page, is contained in another link. Even more reading!

Second suggestion: Merge the 'Getting Started' section of the FAQ page into the 'About OGF' page. Have the 'learn more' button link to the latter. It tells people how OGF works, what the context is, where to map and what the user can expect from OGF. As for the rest of the FAQ page, I'd restructure and condense it. 'Mapping basics' is still 18 sections long. I feel we might need a separate section, or even a separate page, for JOSM questions.


Improving the introductory system has the potential to solve many problems new users have: misplaced expectations of what the site is about, unrealistic and/or incorrectly placed mapping, and simply being dissuaded from mapping in OGF due to some combination of the two. If OGF is not for you, be this because of the rules, or the context, feel free to leave. Those kinds of rule breakers will never set foot on the map. On the flipside, if OGF leaves a good first impression, users would be more willing to stay and be more receptive of advice. You will have a better time if you know what you're in for, even if you do experience setbacks. Ultimately all users should become productive and integrated members of our community.

Feel free to back me up or shoot me down, I'm interested in your thoughts on this. Any input from admins or ex-admins is appreciated. You're the ones who control the site interface, and you're the ones who deal with the new users.

How do I invite people to OGF without them randomly mapping somewhere?

Posted by plainoldbread on 27 March 2020 in English (English)

I have invited 1 person this month and they've edited randomly even though I told them to edit in the blue nations in OGF: Territories, I want to know how to introduce people to OGF without them vandalizing a country as soon as they join.

I now return

Posted by Mike's World on 26 March 2020 in English (English)

Wow! We're living history right now. I was planning on riding the ogf break until summer, however, as you know what's going on there's almost nothing to do, so I'm back to mapping.

My goals from the last diary ended up mediocre, I had fun but didn't triumph. The girlfriend part is going to be a long term goal as long as it takes.

However, I did start a business drawing custom maps for people, and that's been successful. I suggest you guys should start trying to do something similar.

Stay safe!



Posted by admin on 22 March 2020 in English (English)

We are a worldwide community, one which users in different countries are being subject to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in different phases.

It is unacceptable to role-play this, to project it onto this geofiction. There have been numerous very poorly-judged attempts at this already. This is unacceptable.

Old Town, Rama

Posted by Mtejku222 on 20 March 2020 in English (English)

I think I've pretty much finished mapping most things.

The rest of the city is still almost empty

Location: 2.755, 118.633

How do I request a territory?

Posted by GamePancakes on 19 March 2020 in English (English)

I read all the FAQ and haven't gotten a reply yet. How long do these take to process? I had a previous territory which expired so I'm not new to OGF and use the JOSM to edit most of my new stuff. I apologize if I don't understand something or taking some of your time.

Loads of available time

Posted by kingfries on 18 March 2020 in English (English)

So... What are your plans on OGF now that everyone has got more time on their (washed!) hands? I plan to keep myself busy with loads of detailing on the island I've worked on, maybe rearrange some parts a bit. Add details like trees, benches, mailboxes, stores and facilities, take a good luck at the road network and if any logic mistakes like wrong directioned one-way streets happened. Gonna see if I get to do any real progress now. Maybe lay out some rough sketch of history/placenames etc. aswell. And you?

Stay safe folks!

Location: -47,104, 69,592

Can't edit a pesky road going through Oketia

Posted by AustinofOketia on 18 March 2020 in English (English)

There's a straight line road going through Oketia. When I zoom in in ID it won't actually show up to be deleted, just in the background. It's been there for weeks so certainly not an update delayed. How on earth am I supposed to delete this eyesore if I can't select it.

Continent map quizzes?

Posted by geoboi on 17 March 2020 in English (English)

Hey everyone,

Hope you are all doing well in this crazy time. I just had a fun idea for a game someone could make with our world map. This link has a fun clickable map quiz of the real world. I was just wondering how feasible it would be to make one of the OGF world. Any ideas?

A Return...

Posted by Inventor on 17 March 2020 in English (English)


After a four-month absence, I am pleased to return to OGF.

Last time I mapped, I was working on an airport as a side project to a lake. However, I may just want to start over in a different part of Commonia.

I hope in the coming days, I will be able to download JOSM on a new computer, and work hard on some countryside in order to, after almost a year and a half on this site, claim a territory. (I'm thinking any green or maybe yellow ones in this area.

During my hiatus, I have been able to draw a few paper maps during my spare time, and perhaps I would use some of them in my work on OGF.

Thanks for reading!


Medium-sized coastal city Nyhus på Sejen in Southeastern Medwedia slowly taking shape

Posted by MisterBean on 17 March 2020 in English (English)

I am currently working on the city Nyhus på Sejen in the governorate of Predrussen, which is often called the "Medwedian Riviera" due to being the southernmost coast of the country. Nyhus på Sejen houses about 50-60.000 citizens within its administrative boundaries and another 30.000 in the immediate vicinity.

While the city opens towards a relatively flat valley in the west, where an artificial proletarian district is located, its north and east consist of an endless mess of narrow streets winding into the foothills of the Medwedian Kamne mountains, populated by a mixture of old farmers' houses from the time these areas were used as municipal pastures and shamble towns for the poor serfs and slaves, who commute every day to the port to clean ships, sell food to seamen and process fish.

The city is a medium port city; I am also planning on adding a naval/coast guard base and the obligatory gated upper-class/Party member district.

In the north, the city is bypassed by the legendary M99 Coastal Motorway, which was built by the military within three months in 1959. In the south, it is traversed by a semi-expressway that allows those headed for the eastern suburbs to skip the overloaded Theodor Lynden Frankensteins Allé (named after the current dictator of the Medwedian Democratic Federation).

How do you like the small patches of forest used to accentuate the terrain?

Location: 64,082, 66,691

Special transport corridor in the Oggensejen estuary, southeastern Medwedia

Posted by MisterBean on 15 March 2020 in English (English)

The Medwedian Democratic Federation is known for controlling its borders tightly. When it comes to the Oggen river, which forms the boundary between Medwedia and UL160 but deviates north from the border near Sejersted, the government made an exception in 2005 and created the Oggensejen Special Transport Corridor, which begins at the maritime boundary in the Bay of Predrussen and ends where the border joins the river.

The corridor, which is usable exclusively by freight transport, does not require a valid visa to be traversed. Nevertheless, the Federal Ministry of Border Control, Customs and Excise requires for a heavy toll to be paid per crew member and ton of cargo and for a list of all persons and goods present on the ship to be submitted at least one week prior to the usage of the corridor. Border patrol, military and police boats enforce the corridor and demand additional bribes.

Ships which deviate from the delimitation of the corridor are sunk immediately and without warning. The corridor is enforced by means of radar and signal buoys. Still, the Special Transport Corridor is used by 40 ships per day, on average.

Location: 64,123, 66,094

Gobrassanya City

Posted by DaveMaps9876 on 14 March 2020 in English (English)

Who made this area? I want to ask permission so I can help edit it. Thanks!

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