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Realistic node density per kilometer

Posted by EMKLI on 18 October 2019 in English (English)

Working on the skerry coast around Frjalshöfn, it just happened that I imported 680.000 nodes into JOSM, spreading on a total edge length of about 4.500 km. This results in 150 nodes per kilometer, which means, one edge is 6 metres long on average. Don't worry, I deleted everything. ;-) (Just for explanation: of course, I didn't draw this by hand. I used the "how to create realistic forsest coverage" method from the wiki and then fractalized the shapes).

For an edgy coast line like a skerry coast, what node distance would be adequate? 20 metres? 50 metres?

Export OGF data to svg

Posted by EMKLI on 18 October 2019 in English (English)

Just a small question. Can I, either out of JOSM or out of OGF directly (or any other way), export map data as svg file? So far, I didn't find a solution.

Mountainous Crops and Paddy Rice Fields

Posted by iiEarth on 18 October 2019 in English (English)

Hello everyone!

I am mapping in Indahtanah, a state in Lorotoban. It is a Timor-based island nation. You can read more about it here.

With that out of the way, I was mapping rural 'stuff' (farmland, crops, orchards, et cetera). But, I came to a part where the farmland meets with the forest (in this case, rather hilly). I can't find any good examples of rice paddies or any mountainous farmland in Openstreetmap. If anyone has an example, can you please comment it down? I would like some inspiration mostly in an Asian place (rice is mostly grown in Asia anyway).

Location: 4.955, 113.466

Faster grid building

Posted by DudeMap555 on 14 October 2019 in English (English)

Hello everyone,

i am trying to map grids for my town. it takes very long to do and wastes time. how can i map grids faster?

thank you,


Location: -34.335, 150.076

What should I use for making racetracks?

Posted by Pancake Killer on 14 October 2019 in English (English)

I noticed how there's a line for a racetrack, but only non-motorsports. What should I use to make a motorsports track?


Posted by MOI N on 13 October 2019 in English (English)

Cycleways are small infrastructure projects which makes cycling easier , for the experienced and inexperienced.I'm suprised with all the detail in some places that these have been left out. I have made a small section in Burnieside-Devonport which runs along Thnn xe s phers so.

Location: -26.386, 18.875

Oketia is getting a makeover!

Posted by AustinofOketia on 13 October 2019 in English (English)

I have realised that 1. My capital city has an unnatural shape 2. I have a bad rural-urban transition 3. My nation looks 3rd world. I put my country at 0.8 on the Global development index, but my maps don't reflect that 4. I don't have much land detail

So, with that said, most of my capital city will be getting deleted. However, some of the more dense shopping districts will not. Here is the plan: * Remove my Main Motorway. * Place trunk roads at intervals, in a gridlike style. * Have 1 or 2 motorways, depending on the development of other things. * Place small towns where trunk roads intersect, as well as a few other small towns scattered around. * Not every intersection will have a town, some will be larger towns or gas stations, others will be parks & tourism. * Detail the rural areas to have more areas like farmland. * Add more mountains and peaks.


Posted by deshrulex on 12 October 2019 in Spanish (Español)

Hello to the whole community, the truth is that I only come to ask for an opinion about this area of ​​farms that I have been developing today, I don't know much about farms but I would like to know your advice to do better

Location: -3,921, 40,343

Flooding in Archanta?

Posted by Pancake Killer on 11 October 2019 in English (English)

I noticed when I was going to map my FS state how there's some flooding in Archanta, is this happening for anyone else?

Feedback about Vondréaux

Posted by Mapping Expert on 10 October 2019 in English (English)

Hello to the community. After finishing Fort Vondréaux a few weeks ago, I decided to continue with Vondréaux , but I'm not sure about some points of the city's configuration. I want to keep my mapping standard as much as I can, and therefore I ask your opinions about the project (suggestions for re-mapping are accepted).

Happy mapping,

Mapping Expert

Location: -23.706, 112.008

Speaking of vandalism...

Posted by EMKLI on 8 October 2019 in English (English)

As Nordurland is quite vast and many parts of the country are unvisited by me for long times, I quite regularly find guerrilla mappings from new OFG members. Most of them are useless, some of them are really funny (but not useful in any way), but some very few stand out. This city for example. I've decided to keep it (even if I will rename it to a more Icelandic sounding name) as it is a quite complete, decent sketch of a city.

Did you ever stumbled upon guerrilla mappings that you found worthy enough to assimilate?

Frjálshöfn and the dilemma of early mapping

Posted by EMKLI on 8 October 2019 in English (English)

Hey everybody,

during the last weeks, I finally decided to touch a very hot potato which bothers me for at least two years: the Frjalshöfn area.

The Frjalshöfn area was one of my early mapping projects in terms of landscaping. At the very beginning of the OGF history, Thilo wrote a diary entry where he encouraged us mappers to shape their countries individually and creatively. He also linked some interesting topographical spots. The Stockholm area was within these links. And I wanted to let Frjalshöfn be like Stockholm.

In my opinion, I failed. This became more than clear to me when I visited Stockholm last year. And even worse, The Frjalshöfn area in itself is totally unrealistic. Where should the water for this specific landforming come from? In the hinterland, I imagined a mountainous landscape, however, the distance to Grænnshöfn is only approx. 75 kilometers. There is no room for the forming of large rivers with that amount of sedimentation. I was aware of that problem quite early, but I mapped on, adding more and more infrastructure to the unfinishedd geography, deciding to solve the problem of verisimilitude at a later time.

Well, this time is now. Frjalshöfn in that form faces its last days before I will remove most of the islands and also most of the hinterland. Most of the infrastructure I've added will vanish as well. When preserving to much of it, creating a new geography will be far more difficult. However, I will preserve the central islands around the city center where I did the most detailing so far (the headquarters of the VEC will also be preserved). However, not all of these places will remain islands and I will move the whole city to the northwest, approximately to the place which is actually called Akurveiting. I will also remove the large bay in the north west of the area (which is possible as I do not need to change my maritime border). Instead, I will create a large inland sea like the Mälaren west of Stockholm. In the southeast, the landscape will resemble the Stockholm archipelago more closely.

Wish me luck, this is the biggest act of intentional vandalism in my own mapping so far (which is not so much a sentimental problem, as I've said, I was quite unlucky with the whole area for a long time, but more the fear of the sheer effort).

AR045 - South Archanta (south of FSA)

Posted by wangi on 4 October 2019 in English (English)

Hi, as part of the review into Archantan territories we are reworking a number of territories to the south of the Federal States. This is the area:

The aim is to create a single country where the individual states, or portions of them, will be assigned to users. The hope is this will lead to more coherent mapping. However, in a difference to the Federal States, we are keen to not base this tightly on a real-world country, instead having the involved users come up with their own imaginative collaborative country.

Linguistically it will be:

  • Majority Franquese (French) 50%
  • One of the OGF-equivalent of Polish, Czech, Hungarian or Serbo-Croat (Latin alphabet) as an additional official language 30%
  • Ingerlish (English) 10%, but only where already mapped
  • Indigenous 10%

The capital city will be in a majority Franquese province.

Two coordinators are being sought to help with this project - French language skills being desirable for one and the additional official language for the other. Please contact wangi if you are interested.

Existing users of those territories which are affected have already been contacted, with many signing up and a couple taking the opportunity to move territory instead. Other interested users please post here, or preferably, on the forum post.


Location: -47.737, 144.602

Hot Springs area

Posted by Inkyatari on 3 October 2019 in English (English)

Kinda proud of the Excelsior Thermal Area in Border Mountains National Park...

Some more work needs to be done, but I'm on a roll here

Location: 33.951, 101.029

Island woes

Posted by Inkyatari on 1 October 2019 in English (English)

Trying to make an island in alake I created, but it's just not showing up. I've looked through some OSM tutorials on this, but I still cannot get the boundary of the island to show up. ANy thoughts?

Location: 33.885, 100.962

Update on Mapping in Duncanheim (#2)

Posted by Duncan on 30 September 2019 in English (English)

Hello all!

I've been mapping a bit less frequently lately due to college starting up (and a new relationship - eeek!) but I am still logging in every few days to check messages and map a bit, although since it is for shorter periods of time I am mainly working on putting in details in rural areas (smaller roads, little towns, canton and township boundaries, hills, lakes, farms, etc.) rather than any major projects. It's actually quite calming to map like that, and I'm left wondering why so many mappers tend to overlook the rural areas in favor of mapping city after city after city (no offense to anyone whose territory is entirely urban, just my opinions).



Posted by Knallersims on 25 September 2019 in German (Deutsch)

Hello everybody... I´m working on my first city "Sawanka" (Country=Kalm) First of all... thanks for this very very good map. Finally something, I searched long time to create my own town. But I have a question, it´s a little bit difficult to create an "showable" city, so I´m looking for some tools, who can create cities an little bit easier. If there is some tool or program, let me know it quickly :P Thanks a lot! - Sims

Location: 54,798, 34,421


Posted by DaveMaps9876 on 21 September 2019 in English (English)

Hey OGF community!

I've been working on my territory for a while now and it would be GREAT to get some feedback. I have been using Spain for inspiration. I am starting to work on the Public transportation. I want the economy to be based around oil (because of the desert in the north part of my country), IT, and medicine. I also hope it can be a financial center in the area, but is doubtful because of the GIANT city in the territory next to mine. (Apollonium)

Anyway, I would like some feedback.



EDIT - Starting over

Posted by Inkyatari on 18 September 2019 in English (English)

I'm going to look for a different spot and start from scratch

Getting Started

Posted by coshatiuav on 17 September 2019 in English (English)

I am Coshatiuav (co-shatew-ay-vee, you'll know why soon), a close friend of user Zhenkang who introduced me to this site. I have always had an ambition for fictional mapping, and it is probably time I reveal my plans for OGF. So far nothing is up yet :P I am a pretty busy person - a major exam is coming up soon followed by university, so I'll probably work on the bulk of my content offline while uploading large chunks intermittently.

I plan to work on a group of nations called the Creolic States <\del> this will probably end up somewhere where there's a bunch of 'green', though if one of the new continents opens up by the time I feel ready I'll be glad to use that. Of course most of my territory will probably end up in the hands of other mappers, but I do want to have some decisions over their language and cultures.<\del>

The hallmark of the Creolic States is a philosophy-cum-proto-religion called Hretism - a practical knowledge and science-based view on humanity and its future. Expect a lot of startups and think-tanks stemming from these places. These nations largely have their own distinct cultures despite having similar racial roots. At the same time, (me living in Singapore) Meilan(Chinese) and ??(Indian) migrants form a significant part of the Creolic community.

Here are some of these nations: -Grinzez: around 190-200 thousand km2. Planned three major cities - capital Pyapyor, Hitherceko and Thretop. Inspired from Singapore, London and Berlin among others. <\del> -Raufael: another major state like Grinzez, the leader of the States pretty much. Ingerlish-dominated. East Raufael is an Oriental split-off from this state. -Zhichy (Ʒiɕyi) -Launyat: capital Syopenal, inspired from Paris and Tokyo. -Sinaira (σήνάιρα)

And these states have to be around so history fits together more nicely: -Hu'qao and its sister state Nangang, Meilanese nations -Tauland: Sri Lanka-like state, possibly the first attempt to introduce a primarily Dravidian nation into OGF<\del>

The climate definitely doesn't have to be like Singapore's, I'm thinking more of subtropics (Cfa/Cwa) in fact.

I also consider myself a railway enthusiast, so that's the way I typically form the baseline of my cities. I mostly learn by observation - that's the way I work. On the other hand, I do need some help for geography and mapping rural areas (you need lots of those for a developed rail network!)

Ta ta for now, do leave a comment if you have any enquiries!

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