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Posted by swissmapping on 23 October 2020 in English (English)

after 3 years of inactivity I have returned to editing, over the past few days I have made many changes to my little town of Fremont in blue space. I have been at a loss for where to start on some of my many plans for the area and plan to develop it further until i run out of space, then I shall look into requesting a small territory to build all my ideas, preferably the land labeled ARO19c.

Tip for wiki loading at normal speed!

Posted by Tito_zz on 19 October 2020 in Spanish (Español)


Hello, I'd like to share a tip for you, how to have the wiki at normal speed.

First you have to go to your Preferences (stopping it after 10 seconds to load basic HTML should work), then go to Appearance, and change the Skin to Modern. Click save. Then, enjoy wiki-ing.

Thanks to TheMayor for sharing this trick with me.

Happy mapping and maybe writing, Tito_zz

Rocket Launched! Cinasia's Space Center

Posted by Hilsonbergman on 19 October 2020 in English (English)

H.M. Shia Space Center is the only space facility of Cinasia for now. It is managed by Cinasian Space Agency. the Space Center can operate heavy rocket (size of Ariane 5 in the real world) at the First Launch Complex for manned spacecraft, business, science and military satellites. Besides, two space navigation companies, SpaceY(暢宇) and and Sand Martin(沙燕), built various type of launch complex, for both recyclable rocket and traditional rocket. In the Future, Cinasia would like to cooperate with other nations for bigger space program, the launch site will be some where at Yuethon(越漢). Feel free to comment and leave me message if your country wanna launch an Space Odyssey too.



Location: 21.775, 157.330

Announcing a well-coordinated collaborative status for Erfeldia, Garlis, Kalm, and Ventria

Posted by joschi81 on 18 October 2020 in English (English)


Dear mappers,

I recently took the decision to turn my countries into a well-coordinated collaborative status in the beginning of 2021. I have to much land and by far not enough time.

As the wiki is not loading here, I can't create a wiki page for that right now. But here are some important points.

  • I have many ideas for many parts of the country, that are not yet mapped. So in any case, any cooperation would require the willingness of the respective user to discuss things in advance and to adapt things if they don't fit into my "mental map" of the respective country.
  • Every region has a different mapping status, so there are regions where I still would have to outline some basic features before someone can work there. This also results in the allowance to map only general features in a smaller zoom level or only detailed features in a larger zoom level.
  • There will be a very strict application procedure for interested users, e.g. the need to create some examples of mapping that fits into the respective country in a selected "testing area" (where it might be removed if it doesn't reach the needed standards). There will be a testing phase and a well regulated approval procedure of changes.
  • [tbc]

In a dedicated section of my user page in the wiki I will present some tasks where people apply to. Examples:

  • Motorway/national road numbers for Kalm
  • More natural looking waterway connection between the Hesperic Ocean and the Vinn Sea
  • Create a nice and natural looking coastline
  • Help with mountainous regions (I'm not very god at it)
  • Help with other natural features (nice looking rivers, lakes, etc.)
  • Map the city of Herlenz
  • Continue the work on the Kelmtal region, Kalm's Ruhr area
  • ...

The other way round users can contact me poiting out their interest for any collaboration. This can be anything, of course - and we will have to discuss, if it's possible and what the rules are.

Anyone who is interested in this can already comment here. Please start your comment with

**collaboration interest**

Other comments such as opinions on this idea or proposals on how to realise it are welcome as well!

Looking forward to more activity within "my" countries.

Kind regards

[Please don't post above] Essential information for new users and the comprehensive OGF guidebook

Posted by admin on 5 October 2020 in English (English)

Hello, mappers, a message from Eklas.

Recently, there has been an increase in new users on the website editing the map where they're not allowed to, citing that they couldn't access the wiki About page, where important information about our rules is stored. While the admin team doesn't consider that an excuse for not following the rules (because you can always stop the loading after a few seconds and then read the plain HTML version), it is becoming a problem. This is why I have put together a document which compiles all of the essential information stored on the wiki not only regarding the rules, but also other information and resources. I've named it the User Bluebook, in reference to, well, the usual color of guidebooks.

The OGF Bluebook, linked below, compiles all of the essential information about rules of the website, territories and mapping, and it is strongly recommended that all new or recently joined users read it.

Quick advice: which territories can new users edit?

Alt text

More information is listed in the bluebook.

Quick advice: what are the basic rules of the website?

  • Being realistic — no fantasy, science fiction, joke countries, etc.
  • Being original — no copying of real world maps or other people's mapping, no using of real world company names and well known place names.
  • Being respectful — no mapping in others' countries, no drawing new islands on the open sea, no vandalism
  • Only one account per user

More information is listed in the bluebook. Please be aware that violating the rules may result in suspension or termination of your account.

The wiki is broken. What now?

As explained before, the admin team is well aware of the issue, but has limited ways of dealing with it, because the one critical member who has all the necessary access is currently away. This post is a makeshift effort to at least somewhat relieve the situation, making the essential contents of the wiki available elsewhere.

Until the situation is resolved, please limit the amount of new diary posts as it is very important that new users see this. The document will be updated and reposted periodically, but I can't promise that I won't hide new entries that I won't consider helpful or relevant in order to make more space for it.

From the admin account — Eklas


Posted by histor on 3 October 2020 in German (Deutsch)

Why the OGF-Wiki needs terrible long time to show up? Is it only at me - or a generally problem?

Ohesia: collaborative country Kalmish (german) / Ohesian (conlang)

Posted by sude on 2 October 2020 in Spanish (Español)

Wiki has many troubles for the moment, so I decided to addapt the content of OGF:Ohesia to a user diary and also make you part of this project. Here I go.

Ohesia (Oǵemetézt in ohesian and Ochezien in kalmish) is a country located in northern Antarephia. It consists of a federation composed by about 8 regions (which still don't have a name).

This country was an old kalmish colony and its linguistic situation is similar to South Africa. Kalmish is specially spoken in the capital and its surroundings, and a native language (conlang) is spoken in most of the rest of the country. The size of the country is about the size of Honduras.

Name of the country

The main idea is to create a similiar situation to real life Turkey and Turkmenistan. Ohemian language is the main language of the Antarephian family as well as turkish is of the Turkic family.

Who can map

Everybody is invited to map in this collaborative country, specially german people. Regarding the languages that will be used, there is further information down below.

Collaboration Rules

(A part of this point is copied from the OGF:Moonshine Archipelago wikipage, a nice project with similar characteristics that shows that collaboration can work)

Things you can do at anytime without asking. But be aware that concurrent editing without coordination may result in conflicts. Make sure to know how to resolve them.

  • Map new villages (pop. ~500 - 30 000) and connect them with roads
  • Extend existing villages within a reasonable amount
  • Build tertiary and secondary roads
  • Improve existing villages with buildings and details
  • Add natural features
  • Create inner borders

Things everybody wants to do, but we don't need too many of them or we need coordination. Remember it is not a blue territory

  • Build primary roads
  • Naming major features

Things we just wont allow even if you ask us. Exceptions may still be possible in certain circumstances with a very good reason.

  • Build motorways or trunk roads or any kind of railways
  • Name things you haven't yet mapped
  • Leave untagged nodes/ways or other temporary stuff behind for longer than a few days
  • Use other than kalmish (german) or ohesian (conlang) [engish will be accepted provisionaly]. Real world names are forbidden


There are 2 spoken languages:

  • kalmish (green)
  • conlang (pink) This map is only a stub, and two relations will exist in mapping to make clearer where each language is spoken. The areas must be respected.

About the implemention of the conlang, users have two options:

  • Mapping in English, and then the names could be translated
  • Getting in touch with the conlang, which is implemented using an excel file in which all the usefull words are included. (If so, send a message to me saying that you are interested in mapping in conlang)

The conlang is part of the Antarephian family (you can check it in the wiki when possible) and it has many common words with other languages like Lyrian, Holmic or Ohemian.

Any doubt or question will be replied here, as well as you can send private messages. Hope you like it and I'd be glad to see you in Ohesia

Place names

I created this document in order to help users with toponymy.

Location: -24,647, 37,562

Border Checkpoints

Posted by Configours on 29 September 2020 in English (English)

It would be fun to have more than neighbor already, but I want to ask for advise on a border checkpoint, I already have 1 main one and 1 very small one with just a road connection and a building. However, I have multiple roads that just dead end as I move along my western border as there is nothing to connect to. However, with my one existing main checkpoint, I don't really know how they work so I just went with what I thought was at one. Please give constructive criticism in how I can improve my checkpoints and if you want to help me in general with this, I'd appreciate it, Thanks, and Happy Mapping.

Location: -1.409, -2.641


Posted by anonymous0909 on 29 September 2020 in English (English)

I want to make a few islands in my country, but they won't show up as land.

How do I make Islands?

Why Latin in Uletha?

Posted by MisterBean on 25 September 2020 in English (English)

Don't know if I already asked it, but is Latin set for Uletha or is it just a provisional solution?

It takes half an hour to devise a sound shift using this tool.

Here you can reference various real-life sound shifts, because one of the easiest ways to make a conlang is for example by applying Germanic, Slavic or Celtic sound shifts to Vulgar Latin or vice versa adding Romance sound shifts to a non-Romance language.

This is a good starting point for Vulgar Latin vocabulary. I think that just deriving 100-200 words is enough for place names.

Stjur's mother tongue Romanian is a prime example of Latin influenced by other languages (Slavic, Greek and to a lesser extent Germanic and Turkic if I am correct). I think that OGF is fairly international and everybody can use their languages to influence a new conlang.

So rather than just using Latin, which I don't see as being used except for in religious or very official matters in a country between Pretany and Medwedia, we should just create one, or better, multiple Romance conlangs. I think that it would be much more fun.

Continuing Mapping Cornut

Posted by anonymous0909 on 25 September 2020 in English (English)

Hi, I am new and I am just a kid who likes geography. I had no idea that this world was so in depth.

I just want to know, how do i get more into history too this world?

What country colonized mine? How and why did they? How can I answer all these questions?

Medwedia 2.0: Expansion and Redesign

Posted by MisterBean on 25 September 2020 in English (English)

NOTE: I admit that this announcement is a bit late.

As some might have noticed, the Medwedian Democratic Federation has been expanded southward and is currently undergoing a redesign.

After numerous justified complaints that my mapping is unrealistic for such northerly latitudes, Stjur and me reached the compromise that I will receive Uleroåland and the formerly unoccupied territory between it and Lechia and annex it while keeping the territory I already have.

In the next weeks and months, I will be reorganizing the country. The northern mapping will be deleted and the country's layout in terms of where mountains are located will change.

The place names will be kept, just moved and reordered. I am well-versed in this process because I was forced to adapt Medwedia, a country I already came up long before OGF, to various fictional worlds in the past.

In the meantime, please rate the rural mapping I am doing in the southern province of Tullemark. Are the fields of appropriate size?

If you have any ideas, complaints or cooperation proposals, please PM me.

To those who do not know what the Medwedian Democratic Federation is:

  • A totalitarian right-wing military dictatorship, the black sheep of an otherwise well-developed region that served as the evil antagonist of many wars.
  • A country which, despite arising from a military junta which deposed of dozens of petty monarchs by gathering and summarily executing them on a sunny day in the late 18th century, still openly and legally practices feudalism - serfs are not considered to be citizens and can be owned by a businessman, a company, the state or the military
  • A country which spends approximately 75% of its GDP on the military, police and related infrastructures (the rest to support the luxury lifestyle of the government). In the northern part there will be occasional patches of land irradiated by a botched nuclear bomb test or by a poorly-built nuclear reactor.
  • A country where fine motorways border shanty towns, illegal landfills and brutal labor camps on the one side and the palaces of the governmental elite on the other side.
  • Actually a well-developed culture and language, with many influences. Founded by Norse settlers who conquered and enslaved Finno-Ugric natives and later on attracting many Slavic and German settlers, Medwedia has an Eastern European feel but not without distinctive Scandinavian and Austro-German tones. The Medwedian people are, all hardships aside, not a backward third-world nation but actually one of the most hardworking, devout and conservative nations on the planet.

Feel free to include it in the lore or wiki articles of your country, just ask me to make sure that the facts don't contradict my vision of Medwedia.

Tavauru 2.0 - Redesigning the islands

Posted by 2amCereal on 24 September 2020 in English (English)

I've taken the difficult decision to redesign the entire territory of Tavauru. This decision has been made as the quality of my mapping has increased, and it has become increasingly difficult to work with the relief and topology of the island.

I previously gave the physical landscape a lot less consideration, but now as my mapping moves away from the lowland areas it has become increasingly difficult to create a realistic landscape that I am happy with.

The island will still retain its shape for the most part, but the landscape is set to resemble something more like Reunion or Tahiti. In my current plans for Tavauru 2.0, Faiai'ita and Raiangua will remain in their place but will be completely overhauled to fit the new geography of the island. The culture and language of Tavauru will remain the same, and once the new version takes shape many specific features will be returning.

Happy mapping,


Location: 10.439, 86.486

Presentando: Deodeca

Posted by Tito_zz on 24 September 2020 in Spanish (Español)

Presentando: Deodeca

this article is the Spanish version of the English article found here

Deodeca es un país en Arcanta del Sur, con frontera a los Estados Federados, Ardencia y Ambrosia. Va a ser un país colaborativo.

Pero necesitamos tu ayuda

Para un país realista, hice un plan para Deodeca.

  1. Decidir una lista de “colaboradores iniciales” (los pasos siguientes serán decididos por estos colaboradores iniciales).
  2. Decidir una costa nueva, después una geografía.
  3. Decidir la hidrografía (los ríos y lagos)
  4. Decidir dónde poner las ciudades, después las autopistas/autovías y los ferrocarriles.
  5. Decidir las subdivisiones (provincias, estados o similar).

Después de eso, se van a repartir estas subdivisiones como en los Estados Federales, pero no se puede añadir mas ciudades, autopistas/autovías, trenes o cambiar la geografía y hidrografía significativamente sin permiso de mí. También se va a votar sobre cosas como la bandera, los nombres de los ríos, la capital, el esquema de numeración de las rutas, etc.

Si tienes interés, enviame un mensaje o pon un comentario abajo.

Location: -41,245, 136,252

Gharbiya, a new nation, an old faith... But how?

Posted by Liadrien on 23 September 2020 in English (English)

Hey! I've been mapping for a few days now in my first territory and i'm making steady progress, but that's (of course) not why I'm posting this. No. I'm in need of some in-world guidelines. You see, the nation of Gharbiya is a muslim nation, and thus i'm curious; is there a version of Mecca in this world? Surely, the prophet must've been enlightened somewhere? So... Where should my largest mosques be facing? Are there any other quirks to the religion in this world I should keep in mind? Which are the muslim nations of this world? Are there even any? Also; (as a bit of a sidenote) Is there already a name for a nomadic culture in the Great Helion desert? (the wiki is now even more gone than a moment ago so... Can't seem to look it up)

I'd love to have the nation of Gharbiya entwined with the world and feel truly alive. I know it's extremely early in the making, but bear with me. I'm looking for an ex-colonial overlord, or even failed attempts at earlier colonialism. Things that may lead to influences such as names of things or even structures built after foreign ideals. Such as old forts or ports. And I'd like to weave those into the nation a bit, and not just tag them on as an afterthought when the nation is more thorougly mapped. Any ideas are welcome, let's discuss in the comments!

Location: 22,356, 4,032

Iscu is Open For Embassies!

Posted by Lithium-Ion on 22 September 2020 in English (English)

Hello there! I come to you all today because Iscu is open for embassies! I'm interested in setting up embassies with nations that are reasonably close to Iscu. Iscu is a small country with a equally small foreign service, so only countries nearby or major world powers will likely have embassies with Iscu. If you aren't sure if you qualify, just ask in the comments.

If you want embassies with Iscu, please comment below!


Location: 2.016, 92.240

Introducing: Deodeca

Posted by Tito_zz on 17 September 2020 in Spanish (Español)

Introducing: Deodeca

Deodeca is a country in Southern Archanta, bordering the Federal States, Ardencia and Ambrosia. It is planned to be a Spanish-speaking Latin American country. It will be a collaborative country.

But we need your help

The plan is the following, in order:

  1. Find a list of interested mappers, a “group of initial collaborators” (steps following are decided by that group)
  2. Rework the coastline and then make a basic topographic plan.
  3. Make a basic hydrology (=water) plan
  4. Decide the location of cities and main roads.
  5. Set the borders of subdivisions.

After that, the subdivisions (=provinces, states or similar) will be given away to users wanting it, like in the Federal States, however, they should not add more cities, and can only add motorways with the community agreeing. All collaborators, even those not initial, will just be referred to as “collaborators”, who will be able to vote on things like highway numbering schemes, river names, flags, etc. The initial collaborators will be able to vote on the first five steps and things like that.

If you're interested, message me. Things will be organised similarly to the Federal States, however learning from the coherency issues it has/had.

Location: -40,428, 135,555

Lindenville in Meredy Prefecture, Rhododactylia..

Posted by IAmDaCraziestBoi on 17 September 2020 in English (English)

I have returned to OpenGeofiction in a couple of months after first pausing on all editing, here I am resumed with editing Lindenville with great potential, along with its suburbs. There are suburbs completely unmapped as I know, these are suburbs that will eventually see mapping. I have just recently placed a historic city circle for Lindenville due east of the city center, commemorating the history of the city, etc. Its road network is supposed to reach far, going into portions of Wintania to the west, the national park to the east, and then Eriwynne Prefecture north as already mapped, however the majority of it is in Meredy Prefecture home to the whole metropolitan area.

Location: -8.488, 167.415


Posted by Aash on 16 September 2020 in English (English)

Hello everyone,

anybody knows who is the owner of Mazan, or if it has no owner, who is responsible of it?

Location: 27.991, 55.042

Motor Racing Circuits in Maperitive?

Posted by Punkmonkey22 on 15 September 2020 in English (English)

Hi, Thought I'd have a look at messing around in Maperitive so that when I have filled up more of my region I could make some nice looking location maps as I've seen others do... however it doesn't seem to render Highway=Raceway?? Considering that this is the standard tagging method for race circuits in OSM this seems strange to me, does anyone have any ideas how to add it to the rendering? Or examples of scripts anybody has made that render it?


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