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help using JOSM (new user)

Posted by 2amCereal on 22 August 2019 in English (English)


I started mapping about a few days ago and have made some progress at making a village in central Commonia, using ID at first and now JOSM, but I'm having some trouble using it. It would also be helpful to have to critique on my settlement.


Things I would like help with:

  • creating areas such as parks and car parks, that are available in the areas tab in ID
  • creating rail tracks
  • airport features such as runways etc. (dont worry I'm not building an airport for my tiny town)
  • naming places: mainly town names but also for having buildings be hotels etc.
  • different road types: I'm aware of the residential road, but in a lot of other cities on the map I see large residential roads?
  • creating coloured ares of the map, like in cities where the area between blocks is grey
  • having buildings sit next to and against each other, without overlapping and causing an error
  • creating perfect circles for roundabouts etc
  • going into detail on buildings (like that really cool cathedral in Baradin)

I understand this is a lot (and theres probably more i still have to ask) but any help would greatly be appreciated.

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Question from a confused new user

Posted by ev3commander on 21 August 2019 in English (English)

Hello, I am new to mapping in OGF, and have a question:

See How come some types of buildings don't show up as solid blocks (with borders) and others do?
Also, if you look at it in the editor, you see another building, a locksmith to the left of the coffee shop. Why doesn't it show up at all (not even the name)? (This also happens with the parking garage next to the gym to the northeast.)


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Introducing Kuehong, a temperate and OGF version of Vietnam

Posted by zhenkang on 20 August 2019 in English (English)

Hi all. I am happy to announce that I managed to claim AR903, or what is called now Kuehong (Quê Hương 家园), a Vietnamese state, after further discussions with the regional admin. It is quite interesting to take a bit out of what was part of Commonia, but equally frustrating to delete and revise the road connections and ill-mapped settlements in the area. Not sure if this is part of admin's plan to clean up Commonia, but oh well.

I am officially introducing this now just to alert some users who have accidentally changed the name of my country to Raintree River, and just a friendly reminder not to edit and rename the nearby territories as well! See wangi's newest diary entry for details. I am also making some personal notes which I will like to share with everyone here. Feel free to suggest anything wrong with it, I am not using a nuke button (which is still in Antigo) to nuke you off the map.

Currently, the territory is now almost clean; just need to remove all name tags. I will also get started on the geography and making the states. Hopefully after that I will get work on a small port, where I can make ferry connections between Uletha and Archanta and eventually start collaboration projects with CARECU and EUOIA. Kuehong, given its location, has quite some potential to be a trading entrepot, and it isnt easy to be ignored.

About the culture, Kuehong will be largely similar to the Vietnamese culture, with the same food, (possibly) clothes (depends on the weather) and allusions to some well-known landmarks in Vietnam (summer palaces, Ha Long Bay etc).

What's probably different is that there may not be a French presence in Kuehong (since it is relatively far away), but more emphasis on Chinese influences, since it was colonised by some oriental power in Orano before. The political situation will be quite different from actual Vietnam as well; it will be a relatively strong and efficient military junta instead of communism. Just expect a heavier military presence in the country, but otherwise, thanks to the military, the lives of the people generally improved with relatively good infrastructure. There will be also a notable Chinese presence in the country particuarly at the east.

Another difference is that Kuehong is on a higher lattitude than actual Vietnam itself. Still, it did not stop Kuehong from growing and exporting rice, so there are still rice paddy fields. The weather may be more similar to Taiwan instead; there may not be much snow but more cooler winds. Kuehong will also be affected by typhoons frequently since it is in relatively open sea.

Still, this project will be quite interesting, since I did not really have much solid knowledge on the language and culture. There are quite a number of differences between Kuehong and Vietnam which I will like to point out in this diary entry. Hopefully, I hope someone out there can further educate me on Vietnamese culture, tell me their experience in Vietnam or offer any further suggestions regarding this territory.

Tam Biêt!

Zhen Kang (Z.K.)

(Former cartographer in Antigo, he has recently managed to defect and emigrate to Kuehong)

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Commonia / Rhododactylia / AR001b / FSA Massodeyas

Posted by wangi on 20 August 2019 in English (English)

Hi, the northern most half (roughly!) of Commonia is no longer a "blue" territory and open to editing by all. It has been split into individual territories, managed per OGF:Admin regions. None of the new territories are mapped as "beginner", as such any user will need to supply a plan for the territory if applying.

However another "blue" territory, Rhododactylia, has been increased in size.

Also beginner territories have been opened up at AR001b, and the Federal States Massodeyas project is accepting beginner applications.

L (wangi for admin)

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Posted by DudeMap555 on 19 August 2019 in English (English)

what happened to COMMONIA?

Fort Vondréaux

Posted by Mapping Expert on 18 August 2019 in English (English)

Hello to the whole community! Since 6 months ago I have been developing the historic district of Vondréaux, called Fort Vondréaux. I have developed it with the greatest possible care, and I want to finally show it to the community.I want to know your opinions. Happy mapping, Mapping Expert.

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Airports in Walkegan

Posted by oof boi on 17 August 2019 in English (English)

Currently, I have 2 airports in Walkegan, Pike and Miller International.

Personally, I would like if some airlines would come into my airport. It's been bugging me that nobody has gone to my airports yet.

First of all, I want to be realistic. I have limited international gates and most international flights would come from either South Archanta or north Archanta. Most flights would originate from the FSA.

Also if you have any feedback for my airport you can tell me in the comments.

Thanks, oof boi

Pike International Airport Miller International AIrport

Pretanic Faction State is officially closed for business.

Posted by bhj867 on 16 August 2019 in English (English)

I want to thank all of the mappers who put in work at the Pretanic Faction state over the past year or so. Due to unforseen circumstances, the PFS will be closed to new mappers as of today. Any mappers that are working there are allowed to finish their work, make a decision to move their work to their own countries or keep it in place. It will remain there forever if you decide to keep it there, and I will add to it over time, but keep your edits in place.

If anyone has any questions please comment below and I will answer them in the best way I can.

Thank you


Have i ruined the texan-ishness of ahnvore county

Posted by MOI N on 14 August 2019 in English (English)

Ahnvore county is a county in Perugi, Cygagon, which is almost complete. all there is to do is landscaping, a remaining nature reserve, extend the railway northbound and fixing bus routes. Possibly a hamlet at the very south of the county. But I'm afraid that the Texan-ishness is gone. please tell me if it still is texan, and what I can do if it isn't . Feel free to criticize. Don't comment about road names.

note: Cygagon is heavily multicultured, hence the varying town names. note: Supermarket competition in Cygagon is crazy.

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Montecari's getting a facelift!

Posted by geoboi on 14 August 2019 in English (English)

Hey everyone,

So I decided recently to use JOSM for a massive project I've been meaning to start for a while now -- remapping Montecari to be a realistic cultural capital for Leresso. I deleted everything and started from scratch.

Here is the preliminary layout of the city so far. Make sure to go into the edit view to see where the rest of the streets will be.

A few questions about this project for the rest of the OGF community: * Is the scale accurate? If not, how should I fix this? * Does the city appear to have developed naturally? * Where should I put other important buildings (ferry terminal, airport, etc)? * Any other things I should be aware of?

Any and all feedback is encouraged. Thank you all in advance for the support.

Remapping Glaster's forests

Posted by Yuanls on 13 August 2019 in English (English)

Yep, last time I did any mapping on the kilometre scale was in perhaps 2016. I was never a fan of large-scale mapping, I could never download anything large on JOSM and so I had to map everything using Potlatch and ID. It wasn't fun. It wasn't my best mapping, it turned out tot be really blobby and it lagged behind as time went by compared to my topographically beautiful neighbours in Wyster, Latania and most recently Avled.

I took a spontaneous decision to change it this week. I got the final product down in about forty minutes, and I'm pretty satisfied with the overall thing. However, something bugs me about how disconnected the forests are in the south though, although I'm not sure how or even if I should rectify it. The blank areas to the south will be filled in in due time as well. It depends on how quickly, if at all, I can get my first sketch mapped using JOSM.

Glaster and Agarderia currently, vs my sketch

So, is there anything I could improve to my sketch before I start mapping? What do I need to pay attention to when I'm mapping it all out? Please let me know if you have any thoughts!

Happy mapping


Diplomatic relations with the FSA

Posted by histor on 12 August 2019 in German (Deutsch)

In Huntington, the capital of the FSA, is forseen an area for your embassy. If you will start diplomatic relations, you can draw your embassy in this red marked area. Plase do not take more place for your embassy as half a block (or lesser, if you represent a small country). If you wish an other place for your embassy, please contact Ernestpcosby or histor. []

We will be glad to see your embassy in the FSA.

Border control station with road side change on border between the MDF and Nordurland

Posted by MisterBean on 12 August 2019 in English (English)

I am currently detailing the border between my country and Nordurland with EMKLI. This involves the construction of border crossings. I would like to present to you the medium-sized crossing I am working on right now.

As Nordurland is left-hand drive (but Medwedia is right-hand drive), the border crossing involves a bridge to change the sides of the road.

The crossing itself is not very spectacular. It has the usual passport control and the more extensive customs lanes, where many bribes in foreign currencies changed hands in the decades since the crossing was built.

Notable is the water row just behind the bridge, officially meant for "tire sanitization". It has a somewhat symbolical character of course, as the Medwedian Democratic Federation and Nordurland are not really the best of friends, Nordurland being a demilitarized hippie country and Medwedia being a hardcore fascist dictatorship.

I want to extend and detail it. As such, I request your feedback and ideas.

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Is there a water depth map of the ogf world?

Posted by MOI N on 6 August 2019 in English (English)

when making islands, you need to know how deep the water is and whether you can put an island there because putting an island in a big trench is unrealistic. any maps, or do we just invent where the deep places are?

i'm probably spamming entries but oh well.

Giliarca wiki page (maybe coming soon), twitter profile (already online) and other...

Posted by eleinads on 6 August 2019 in English (English)

Dear all, a brief update from my country ad its capital, Giliarca. I hope I can use a part of the time during these holidays to publish the Giliarca wiki page. I'm working on it a bit, but I'd rather enter the finished product directly, rather than a work in progress.

In the meantime, however, I created the official twitter profile of the Municipality of Giliarca.

Actually it's the RW's twitter, it's true... and in fact I was wondering if it was feasible, but I saw that I'm not the first to have done it.

I have already established contacts on twitter with some of your cities or countries, but in fact I have not found many of you ... if anyone is there, and wants to establish contact in that platform, let him live.

In truth, if you want to follow the profile even with your RW profiles, I really think you can do without problems. So, if you want, let yourself be alive.

I take this opportunity to point out, as indicated in the last tweet, that from 1 September there will be the new bus tickets in Giliarca:

Giliarca Bus Ticket

But if you have to visit the city in the coming months and you have some of the old tickets, don't worry, they will continue to be accepted until December 31st.

Thanks, see you soon!


Location: 12,177, 61,795


Posted by dawnscalion on 6 August 2019 in English (English)

the indigenous silk kraggo fox is native to the jennonite plains and the cackle forests its highly lethal and can fly with ease they make great pets with time and training


Posted by MOI N on 3 August 2019 in English (English)

This situation also affected the lake by foxigrenix ,as requested to tell you by Dawnscalion

Location: -26.723, 19.147

Chains/Companies in the Federal States

Posted by Abdy on 1 August 2019 in English (English)

Hey guys, I'm a relatively new mapper, and I have a territory in the Federal States. (My state is called Caroline).

While mapping a shopping center, I started wondering if there are any known chain stores in the FSA. For example fast food (McDonald's,Burger King), supermarkets (Walmart, Target), gas stations/convenience stores (7-11), and pharmacies (CVS, Walgreens).

Thanks in advance!.

Antigo's collaborative process

Posted by zhenkang on 26 July 2019 in English (English)

Evening to all mappers.

In recent days, I have been the de facto coordinator over Antigo in bhj867's absence. For those who did not know what is Antigo, it is a totalitarian socialist dictatorship once part of Pretany, with human rights abuses and whatever that is, well, unspeakable at this moment. (You can read this for further info.)

I have been reflecting on the slow collaborative process in Antigo. It has previously on-off mappers which eventually left the nation, leaving me all alone to manage the territory. Not saying this is bad, but I will like to keep Antigo active as a collab territory and not just my personal territory or anything along those lines. The purpose of me writing this is for all users to give suggestions on how the collaborative process can be improved.

How do you think Antigo can be more open-ended for other users? I do not want Antigo to be literally a dictatorial nation with me as a leader trying to push users in one direction only. How do I also make the project more appealing to others? I believe the idea of mapping a dictatorship wouldn't appeal to others, so how can this barrier be overcome?

For those who are coordinating a project (whether a FSA state or Khaiwoon), what strategies or framework have you adopted for managing the project? For those perviously or currently in a collaborative project, what keeps you in the project or why have you left it (besides having little time or anything else along those lines)? Should I focus on creating smaller-scale projects for users instead?))

By the way, I have also created this page on what other nations view Antigo within the OGF context.

One Year of Opengeofiction

Posted by Mike's World on 24 July 2019 in English (English)

It might not seem like it, but 365 days ago I joined this website and started a new era of mapping. Alot has happend in this year and I'm proud of the things ive accomplished.

-47 cities

-3 settlements

-Created a nation

Thanks everyone for the support! Time to get ready for year two...

Location: -25.300, 121.100
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