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Tile renewal slowdown ?

Posted by Marcello on 22 June 2018 in English (English)

Is it my (seriously old Win7) computer finally dying or do we have an issue in tile renewal ? Changes done a good 5 hours ago show not or only partially.


Rendering engine slowdown ?

Posted by Marcello on 10 November 2017 in English (English)

It may be me being impatient, but do we have a rendering engine slowdown ? Even very small edits (and not coastline-related, for that matter) more than 5 hours ago do not show up .

And I was just planning to move a complete section of subway, imagine...


The Nuevo Espiritu adoption plan.

Posted by Marcello on 13 June 2017 in English (English)

As my larger neighbour city, Nuevo Espiritu, was a ghost town of less than half a dozen of roads until now, I have taken up plans to adopt the area. If any user feels it was or is 'his' turf, please say so - there was no development for over 6 months, so I took the liberty...

I started by giving Nuevo Espiritu a well-deserved train station, and then a station square, and then a small tram line which grew into a somewhat larger tram line and... You probably all know all too well where that ends. So in the end I will 'do' the whole area, and do it as good as I can.

'Old' Espiritu, the small settlement on the eastern cape, is supposed to have grown around the old castle, conveniently commandeering the entry to the bay. It is supposed to be your ancient village, small streets and alleyways, probably good tourism potential. I have thrown in a pair of nice beaches for the locals.

Nuevo Espiritu, connected to the old village by tram line T11, has grown into a medium-sized harbour city, thanks to a protected site in the bay. (lagoon ?) It has good potential for a lot of interesting stuff. I have given it 2 tram lines already, next comes the harbour area and detailing of the city center. Later the suburbs will follow (relatively dull work). In the end I might give it a small airport at the western part of town.

One question about tramway planning: I have seen that in 2 of the largest transit systems (Kaiwoon and Latina) the tram tracks are mostly laid besides the road in what looks to be on the sidewalk / pavement. I there a reason for this ? I have - so far - put the tracks either in the street itself (traditional street track) or on reservation in the median strip of larger two-lane boulevards or besides the road. That looked more prototypical to me.

Any idea's / suggestions wellcome.


p.s. Does anybody know why my 'new' eastern neighbour, Arancia, has no railway station ? No, I'm not planning to touch it, it's nice and someone else's - but it just is strange for a city that size.

Location: Port de Nuevo Espiritu, Yanbul, West Commonia

Hello there !

Posted by Marcello on 31 May 2017 in English (English)

Just for introducing myself: I am a fiftysomething mapper form NorthWest Europe. I have been drawing maps on paper from childhood onwards and am now happy to do this modern style.

I map on a very small (20 by 20 km.) part of West Commonia: the county of Santa Maria del Mar, which is no more than a former small-and-scenic fishing village gone touristy and some extremely ugly new development area near its train station (really meant to be as horrible as posible - thats versimilitude for me).

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