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Possible name for the Southern Islands AN Base?

Posted by TheMapper27 on 26 June 2019 in French (Français)

Hi again,

I've recently been re-doing some mapping I did in the Southern Islands (90% of it near the AN Base) well over a year ago. To be honest, I find the name "Assembly of Nations" quite dull for what is supposed to be an interesting place. For example, in real life, you have not-so-dull base names like McMurdo, Esperanza, Vostok, etc....So why not come up with a name for the base we have in OGF? It could be named after a pioneering explorer, an important figure in the history of the world and that kind of stuff! So what ideas do YOU have for a base name? I already have some in my mind, how about you?

Constructive replies/comments welcome!

Regards, -TheMapper27

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Yeah, um i'm back from my temporary grave

Posted by TheMapper27 on 5 December 2018 in French (Français)

I just wanted to make stuff clear with you all.

I am at ONE HAIR from having JOSM. I just can't find the right browser to execute Java on. The people over at Java recommend IE, but seriously, IE? That's outdated! So i'm asking any of YOU, JOSM users....

What kind of browser do you use for running Java, then JOSM?

See you later!

Help please (natural features)

Posted by TheMapper27 on 2 November 2018 in French (Français)

Hello everyone,

I am planning on making a mountain range with rivers, peaks and forest. It's some stuff at a very professional stage (high-end JOSM). Since I do not have JOSM nor do I have access to it, I ask help today from you, my OGF people, to pleasw help me.

P.S. I see that my diary entry response rate (D.E.R.R.) is pretty low (about 2-5 replies), but I am serious. I do need help.

Yours, TheMapper27 (btw this name is cringe)

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Any truck depot examples?

Posted by TheMapper27 on 28 October 2018 in French (Français)

I am looking for truck depot examples because I would like to build one just south of the A 5 near Willow Station. I am looking for Willow Station to have a balance between residential and industrial. It will be an important pit stop for cars and trucks going on the A 5. I already have a pit-stop mega complex north of the roundabout interchange. The explanation for the roundabout is to give time for the 53' semis to slow down and enter the interchange proper.

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Radio/music playlists in OGF

Posted by TheMapper27 on 24 October 2018 in French (Français)

I've been thinking today about music in OGF. For example, if I would like to create a 1-hour long playlist for Lakeshore 103.9 FM (Lumina and environs), would I have to use OGF music (if any) or if there really isn't any music, just real life songs?

EUOIA and other Eastern Ulethan organizations.

Posted by TheMapper27 on 16 October 2018 in French (Français)

I would talk about this in the talk page, but I do not have a wiki account and most of those talk pages have not been active for about 1 month.

So Skalenia has been negociating recently if it should join organizations.

October 2, they voted on joining 3 East Ulethan organizations, including EUOIA.

The results? A whopping 83% of the assembly said yes.

I'd like to say that i'm ready to join tose organizations, but i cant because of the 2 reasons above.

Bourgeois Island

Posted by TheMapper27 on 15 October 2018 in French (Français)

My first successful attempt at creating an island. Rate it out of 10 in the comments/replies below.

P.S. As of writing this, the island is only visible in TopoMap and Histor.

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Posted by TheMapper27 on 8 October 2018 in French (Français)

Thank you for the advice you gave me on my last entry, but I need to solve one last thing....

Can someone detail my coastline? User Paxtar added 900 nodes to my coastline a few months ago, but I am 100% unable to move them.

Skalenian town names unveiled (sorry for the excessive entries)

Posted by TheMapper27 on 7 October 2018 in French (Français)

Here is the list of town names for Skalenia 3.0 Those names don't have a 100% guarantee of being used, but town names will be chosen from this list.

Here are the names:

  • Anichel
  • Arlise
  • Balmorie
  • Beaudin-sur-mer
  • Cachomingue (will replace Cackling Hill)
  • Coyboux (will replace Aubergine)
  • DeBlais
  • Douvillière
  • Èvineaux
  • Fort Boudreau
  • Fort Lapierre
  • Ginourel
  • Hilier
  • Inielle
  • Joumes
  • Kimielle
  • Lamoreaux
  • Losierme
  • Martineau
  • Morin-Village
  • Nouveau-Maybury (has replaced Nouvelle-Mélandres)
  • Ormes
  • Petit-Détroit
  • Port-Arseneau
  • Port-Rioux (has replaced Baie-Ouest. No longer capital, but still a major city)
  • Quentineau
  • Rombiel
  • Saint-Jean (new capital city!)
  • Saint-Pascal
  • Saint-Sauveur
  • Trudeau
  • Umorne
  • Villebrun
  • Villeneuve
  • Ymerres

Let me know if you like this list!

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Rebuilding Skalenia (again)

Posted by TheMapper27 on 5 October 2018 in French (Français)

Ready for Skalenia 3.0? Here we go.

helps my mapping, typing and text-structuring skills heheheh

As of writing this, I have not started ANYTHING written on this entry yet. Yes, I want to re-rebuild. And here's what I'll do:

Natural features

I will need the help of an experienced mapper because I do not have access to Potlatch, let alone JOSM. I would like the following:

  • Detailed coastline and island coastlines (not to the max, but enough to be considered "good")

  • A medium-height mountain range running right through the inland areas of the country (peaks maybe 500-1250 m, tallest peaks no more than 1800 m)

  • 10-15 streams or rivers that I will name (please keep Evangeline and Voutre, map a river dividing Saint-Jean coming down from some of the highest springs)

Cities and Towns

After the natural features are done, I will put the town names. I can do the town names and streets by myself.


Since Skalenia is so small and I want to preserve it's natural beauty, I will only have two twinned trunk roads in the entire country; one going from Nouveau-Maybury, going around Baie-Ouest (will likely rename) and going all the way to the roundabout with 175 north of the soon-to-be former airport. The second one will branch off of the first one in the Baie-Ouest area, go in the mountains, follow the river all the way to Saint-Jean. I can't do twin roads properly with iD, so I will need help there also.


I will do them myself, but if you guys scold me for not having parallel streets and buildings, then send someone to help me.

See you later!

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National Airport Examples??

Posted by TheMapper27 on 16 September 2018 in French (Français)

Hello. I would like to build a regional/national airport near Konalmi, in the gap between Conosa and Lumsoll. I can't find any example of that certain type of airport, so do you guys know where I can find one?

Are there any Hurricane Seasons in OGF?

Posted by TheMapper27 on 30 August 2018 in French (Français)

Do hurricanes exist in OGF? if so, in what oceans?

I have a question once again...

Posted by TheMapper27 on 22 August 2018 in French (Français)

Is there any way to measure distance in iD?

Thank you for your answers!

Your opinions on Konalmi, Yantia

Posted by TheMapper27 on 21 August 2018 in French (Français)

Konlami is a picturesque town nested at the edge of the Tasmal Mountains. It has 3 major highways: YA 61, National 17 and exits 24 and 24B towards A 2. It is also about 20-30 minutes south of Margenson. Milaukáshka and Ominoso are also within 90 minutes of Konlami. I believe it is by far the biggest and most successful project I have ever made. I can also declare that Renpuma is a failed project compared to this. I plan to have about five neighbourhoods of similar size. Neighborhoods 1 and 2 are complete and Neighborhood 3 is currently a work-in-progress. Neighborhoods 4 and 5 are coming soon. Upon completion, it is expected to have a population of about 10K. What I need from you is your opinions on Konlami.

Location: 17, Palaconsino County, Harley, Gobrassanya

Country of origin of Franquese?

Posted by TheMapper27 on 6 August 2018 in French (Français)

Is there an "origin" country, i.e. Ingerland for Ingerish, but for Franquese?

Skalenia's time zone

Posted by TheMapper27 on 5 August 2018 in French (Français)

Today I decided to set Skalenia's time zone. I looked at various estimations of time zones in the (OGF) world. I settled on WUT +8:45 (WUT +8:30 for Saint-Pascal and surrounding islands) and from March 20th to October 15th, the whole country switches to WUT +9 for DST, which means a 15-minute leap for the mainland and a 30-minute leap for Saint-Pascal and vicinity. I posted this on User Diaries to see if my time zone proposition fits in with already existing time zones.

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Second Call for Embassies

Posted by TheMapper27 on 8 July 2018 in French (Français)

I have not requested for embassies for about a year. I will double the size of Embassy Park and add new service roads. I will not move the existing Terwen embassy, but i will prop up the Draco embassy. So, does anyone want an embassy?

Location: Embassy Square, West Bay, 2HA WB CD EA, Pogreenia


Posted by TheMapper27 on 7 July 2018 in French (Français)

What do you guys think about the West Bay Region (including Saint-Pascal) as a whole?

I have done reconstruction in the past week and i would like to have opinions.

Criticism welcome!

Location: Southern Blvd, West Bay, 00001, Pogreenia

Geovision (again)

Posted by TheMapper27 on 6 July 2018 in French (Français)

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I am ready to host Geovision, but under a different style.

On my previous post about Geovision, people suggested that i do a festival instead.

I would like to build a venue, but as always, I will need a bit of help.

So, I am searching for well-experienced users who can help me build the venue.

The 1st Geovision Song Festival (besides the contests) will be held on the 23rd and 24th July 2018 on Pioneers Island, Skalenia!!!

The press center will be in neighboring Franquese town of Saint-Pascal.

Location: Southern Blvd, West Bay, 00001, Pogreenia


Posted by TheMapper27 on 15 June 2018 in French (Français)

It has been over a YEAR already (04/27/2017) since the last contest. I want to start it up again. I am ready to host it and i could build an arena.

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