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Should the Egalian Lake be connected to the Great Rift Sound?

Posted by eklas on 22 May 2017 in English (English)

Community question.

I've been on and about thinking how I could improve my country, Drabantia, to be more realistic, especially in terms of geography and climate.

First of all, I'm still sort of confused as to what the climate could actually be. The hypothetical maps on the Talk:World climate page didn't really help: one says steppe, the other says Winnipeg. So I settled for somewhere in between for now. And then it kind of hit me: The lake surrounding my country has no output. There has to be saltwater.

Or does it? The lake, which lies on the same latitude as Edmonton, Copenhagen or Moscow, probably doesn't dry up as much as the Caspian Sea does, for example. Meaning that with no output, the water level would just keep on rising and the salinity would remain the same.

Even if the area was dry, I still don't think the temperature and other aspects of the climate allow the lake to have no output at all. There's large rivers: Bráh and Lorava, draining all Litvania; Borava, draining 80% of Drabantia; Banuj, draining the remaining 20% + some of Escadia and possibly UL100h too; and finally Helm and Gilson.

TL;DR So, my bold proposal: Is it possible to connect the lake to the Great Rift Sound? I imagine it similar to the Saint Lawrence River connecting the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean.

There's many pros:

  • There's wetlands (that until recently were lakes) in Suria, where the river would flow- no radical changes required.

  • Several proposals on the OGF:Plate tectonics page see the area as a mid-continental rift.

  • The benefits for the countries around the lake would be immense. In addition to opening them to intl. shipping lines, it would make for a better connection with the rest of Uletha and more importance.

So, what does everyone (namely the admin team) think? I know edits and changes in grey territories are usually frowned upon, but I feel like this is a really important issue.

The lake as it is now

Location: okres Velboř, Egalský kraj, Drabantsko

Fixing my mistakes, apologies, invitations and thank you's

Posted by eklas on 30 April 2017 in English (English)

Hi again!


As you may have noticed, my country Drabantia has undergone some serious changes during the past month. Perhaps one of the biggest changes was that the country now has a completely different, new capital city, Odrava.

And while I am really happy with how the city looks so far, it also caused some trouble. Especially for international businesses and airlines that used to serve the old capital, Drahns. However I removed most of the wiki references and stuff, so at this moment, this should be only Litvanka Airlines. I'm sorry for causing trouble.

Speaking of airlines, you're more than welcome to list Odrava as a destination for your airline company. The most exciting thing is that the city is not on the tip of a peninsula like the previous one was.

Also, siblings are always fun! (I'm an only child.) By which I mean sibling cities are also sought after! Most preferably Ulethan cities, but others too, I don't discriminate.

I updated the wiki page for Drabantia and Odrava, so you can check them if you wanted to get to know more. I also now have a weekly bliki, where I post even more backstories and thoughts.

PS: Is there anyone who wouldn't mind helping me with drawing the airport in Odrava? I guess I could do it myself, but it definitely wouldn't come out as amazingly amazing as some airports by other users.

Drahns: A Yard Sale

...the failure of a city is now broken into pieces, drowning somewhere in a lake.

I didn't have a very hard time letting go. However I still think at least some parts of Drahns were quality mapping- that's why I didn't delete them yet. I was thinking maybe there is a collaborative country the bits could be moved into? They're very European-looking, so it should probably be Uletha.

So, if anyone is interested in any of the stuff shown here, just leave a comment.

And lastly, thanks everyone for sticking around- some of the things I did earlier were really stupid. I'm sorry about it.

Location: Zámostí, Luhavské předměstí, Odrava, Banujské Pavlovice, Hlavní město Odrava, Drabantsko

Drabantia and Litvania now have a common history, but we'd like to ask you something first

Posted by eklas on 10 March 2017 in English (English)

@Litvania and I have been working together and we came up with what I'd say is a pretty decent historical timeline. However, there's a little something that is crucial to the whole concept we need approval for. Here's a brief version of the history concept:

  • The area was settled as early as 2000 BC
  • Slevic/Syrillangan tribes came around 500 AD (migration from Suria through Escadia, some tribes (problem 1) settled in UL100 too) but there were no countries yet.
  • First centralized country - Grand Loravia (Velká/Veľká Lorava) around 710, the Stanislav dynasty; area covering Litvania, Luavia, Drab. Egalia
  • around 850, a Christic religion was introduced
  • 890 - Grand Loravia is in decline
  • Invasion of Egalians (Egalians were/are a nation whose home is somewhere in (problem 2) UL109 or UL111. They were good warriors and also invaded (problem 3) UL108a, Nikolia, UL108c.)
  • In Boravia, there's the Radslav kingdom; from ca 1050 the Bohmír kingdom.
  • 1104 - 1116: The Drabantian-Egalian War; The Egalian Empire was collapsing so the Bohmír kingdom decides to fight it and wins
  • from 1116 on: Lands of the Drabantian Crown (semi-independent margraviates), king Svatopluk II. (Bohmír dynasty)
  • 14th century - Egalia becomes powerful again; this time also by espionage, blackmailing and politics
  • 1377 - king Bronislav III. stabbed dead in Tressen
  • 1379 - Egalia invades Drab. again
  • new dynasty: the house of Thuiadhs, new king: Brenald III.
  • violent conversion from (Christic branch) to (Christic branch), a lot of relics and buildings get destroyed, Drabantian and Litvanian language banned
  • early 17th century - strong nationalist movement
  • 1639 - prince Thea I. decides to separate Drab., Litv. from the rest of the empire (which is falling apart anyway), but also separates (problem 4) UL100g from Drabantia.
  • July 17, 1641 - Thea marries Alžběta Boravská. A new dynasty (Václavovci, Wenceslasians) is founded. The country is now called The Wenceslasian Union.
  • May 15, 1721 - Mary-Elizabeth's semi-democratic constitution goes into power.
  • 1725 - Litvania and Drabantia split on demand by the Litvanian nobility.

Our countries' wiki pages will get updated in near future.

Anyways, there's four 'problems' with this concept. We'd like to ask the community and especially the admin team, is it please possible to include:

  • UL100 as a Slevic/Syrillangan country?
  • UL109 as home of the Egalians?
  • UL108a, @Nikolia's Nikolia and Krankriet as countries that once belonged in the Egalian Empire?
  • UL100g as a former Drabantian territory?

The part about Egalians is the most important, because countries like Drabantia or Litvania are too small to become irrelevant rich duchies, but too large not to be invaded by a larger country at some point in their history.

Please comment your opinions below.

Location: Hory, Molíbor, Egailclanlin Thuaidh, Litvénsko

February is almost gone, take a look at what I've done (in Drahns)

Posted by eklas on 28 February 2017 in English (English)

You've just witnessed my peak lyrical performance.

Anyways, after finishing the district of Ráj nad Mlžnicí I spent the rest of February mapping in Drabantia's capital city, Drahns.

I occasionally get angry at myself for placing the city on tip of a peninsula. Especially every time I'm designing public transport connections, road network, etc. and they end up not working. Well, what can I do. Should've read the OGF: guides better.

If I had to describe my work in one word, I'd choose 'chaotic.' I deleted so much stuff. I started mapping the old town again from scratch. I also discovered drawing your streets as a regular grid might seem easy at first, but causes so much trouble later. I also found out you should probably sketch out the outside connections and other 'big stuff' first before going to detail. Again, should've read the OGF: guides better, but like hey, whatever. I'm gonna fake it till I make it.

And now for some of the interesting places:

  • The old Old Town - it's the historic city center. Originally founded around year 1300, but most of the present-day buildings are from the 18th century. There's passages, cozy backyards, 'authentic' pubs serving poor quality beer for five times the normal price and kitsch souvenir shops. It's also a great place for embassies and offices (because no one wants to live there anymore.) If you're interested in either of these two, just write it in the comments or something.

  • The new Old Town - that's the relevant city center built around 1870. It's mainly a residential area, but if you're interested in classicism, neo-renaissance and other architecture styles from late 19th century, you'll be satisfied too. The controversial neo-gothic cathedral is worth a see, too.

  • National Museum and surroundings - this area marks the end of the city center and the start of suburbs. It features a textile factory converted into offices, villas from early 20th century and a dance school.

I mean so far the city is just like my personality- underwhelming, haha.

I'm spending March mapping around Volbrod (district 81, far southeast of the country) and then I'll get back to the city I guess.

What would you change? Do you want an embassy? Would you like some cheeeese? What about an embassy? Express yourself in the comments, please.

Happy mapping and good luck in life from George.

Location: Žernov, Staré Drahany, Drabantsko

Let's preserve Suria.

Posted by eklas on 16 February 2017 in English (English)

So, the (former?) territory of Suria is now marked in grey on the OGF:Territories page.

Please, let's keep it as it is now. Suria plays an important part in many of the neighboring countries' history and is one of the most powerful countries in Uletha. Also, some of the area is mapped really well, it would be a shame to see it go to waste.

Heeeey would you like some cheeeeeese?

Posted by eklas on 6 February 2017 in English (English)

So, for the past one and a half month I've been working on the district of Ráj nad Mlžnicí and now I'm ready to share it with the world. Best enjoyed at zoom level 13.

Below is some info about the region.

Landscape and nature

  • Forests. They cover the vast majority of the region.
  • Hills and mountains. The area is full of cliffs, tall peaks, wild streams as well as peaceful rivers running through majestic valleys.
  • Marshes and swamps. Most of them are under strict protection. They're home to many endemic animal and plant species.
  • Meadows and pastures The soil is not very fertile, which means animal agriculture is prevalent.

Notable places

  • Teplá nad Křižvou. A lovely town of five thousand inhabitants, known for its old monastery and mineral water springs.
  • Ráj nad Mlžnicí-Šatava. These two times grew into one over time. Ráj is now the capital of the district. Its romantic old town, the Šatava castle and the tall railway bridge attract thousands of tourists each year.
  • Kutry. In case you couldn't tell, it's one of the most popular ski resorts in Drabantia. And while Drabantian mountains obviously aren't the tallest in the world, good service and reasonable prices make it a favorite spot of many.
  • Razníky mountains. The tallest peak, Velký Razník (1562 m), is also the tallest in the country. One would expect the mountains to be a popular winter holiday destination- but most of the range is nowadays a national park and another big portion serves as a military training area.
  • Narrow gauge railway Lotrovice - Šumná na Boravě. The steepest curve on this railway has only about 90 meters in radius. It should have been deconstructed years ago, but thanks to the local train enthusiasts it's still used for nostalgic steam train rides until today.


  • The aaaaaaccent. People from other parts of the country like to say locals talk as if they had a ruler stuck up their butt. They put a lot of emphasis on the first syllable and tend to pronounce vowels very intensely.
  • Cheese. There are almost 120 kinds of cheese native to this region.
  • Local dish. Roasted lamb ribs with goat cheese and wild berries.
  • Music. Instruments made from animal parts such as horns and violins are popular. The locals like to dance A LOT. The best dancer wins cheese
  • Knitting. Yes, wool-shearing and knitting competitions are a thing around here.

I don't intend to go deeper in detail. I'll be spending the rest of February mapping back in Drahns and after then, it's on to district 81, Volbrod.

Do you like it? Is there something to improve? Let me know!

Location: Božejovice, Ráj nad Mlžnicí, obec s r.p. Ráj nad Mlžnicí, okres Ráj nad Mlžnicí, Východoboravský kraj, Drabantsko

(Vaguely related to OGF but rather off-topic) Live webcams from railway stations

Posted by eklas on 31 January 2017 in English (English)

There's a website in the Czech Rep, where you can watch what's happening at the Prague Central and Ústí nad Orlicí stations. The videos are given commentary by the announcement lady with an incredibly tranquilizing voice, as recorded from the station building. I find this really interesting (also it's snowing so the stations look pretty), so I just wanted to share.

Do you know any other cool webcams? Feel free to share!

Enjoy life and happy mapping! George


Posted by eklas on 21 January 2017 in English (English)

I came to the conclusion it's not the best name for Slavic language family, because it doesn't sound very Slavic and it's tough to pronounce.

In Czech (Drabantian), it doesn't even follow the basic rules of spelling:

  • s is followed by y only in certain words with a common root.
  • r is a hard consonant, which means it should always be followed by y.
  • No double l's.
  • G's are very sparse.
  • I could settle for Sirylankan, but that sounds even worse. (I associate it with baby care items for some reason.)

So, I played around with words a little and I have three possible substitutions:

  • Slane (Slanic) (Drab.: Slán; the root slan means something salty.)
  • Sleve/Leve (Slevic/Levic) (Drab.: Levan; the root lev means ease or left (direction) in this case, I'm listing both options because Slevan would mean 'discount man' in Drabantian.)
  • Lave (Lavic) (Drab.: Lavan; the root lev would mean lion in this case.)

So, vote for your favorites! I like Leve/Levic the best.

Also, please note I definitely do not want to force my opinions on anyone and doing this is completely optional.

Location: Přední Lhota, Kutry, obec s r.p. Kutry, okres Ráj nad Mlžnicí, Východoboravský kraj, Drabantsko

Adding some moisture

Posted by eklas on 28 December 2016 in English (English)

Drabantia will be serving some serious waterway realness in the following few weeks. Watch.

Location: 46, Želštejn, obec s r.p. Kutry, okres Ráj nad Mlžnicí, Východoboravský kraj, Drabantsko

Railway gauges

Posted by eklas on 14 December 2016 in English (English)

What railway gauge(s) does your country use? I'm just curious, sorry if this has been discussed before.

Drabantia uses three gauges:

  • 1435 mm - vast majority of tracks
  • 1000 mm - trams in smaller cities/towns (they're not mapped yet)
  • 760 mm - industrial spurs and railways in mountainous areas (they're also not mapped yet, heh)
Location: 53.473, 85.890

Di Vain's Drag Race

Posted by eklas on 24 October 2016 in English (English)

So for the past few weeks I've been obsessed with this show called 'RuPaul's Drag Race.' Then it hit me that we only have car drag racing in OGF, not so much for queer drag racing. So welcome the Race with Grace! If anyone wants to create a franchise of the show in their country, feel free to write on the talk page.

Location: Spolupráce, Nultá Míle, Drabantsko

A question about rendering

Posted by eklas on 11 September 2016 in English (English)

Not much of a diary post, but I'm really curious about this. How often does the rendering software get updated? I see OSM has recently changed the allotments and playground texture and also the font spacing and face, so I'm just a little curious as to when we're going to get it too. It's not like I'm demanding it or something though.

Drahns are so irrelevant, even the flood passes by.

Posted by eklas on 9 September 2016 in English (English)

cool. and nice

But seriously though, what in the hell?

Social networks, internet pages etc.

Posted by eklas on 17 August 2016 in English (English)

Recently it hit me- how come do we not have any (relevant) fictional web pages in OGF yet? Well, I spent the past few days brainstorming intensively and here are some ideas I came up with.

A search engine

There are plenty of them in the real world, but I think we'll be fine with just one for now. As a test of pronounceability, I always try to use them in the sentence "If you don't know, just ___ it!"

  • Lokker - playing around with "look up"
  • Ding - obvious Bing reference. don't like this one very much because "ding it" sounds like a substitute swear word (like saying "dang it" instead of "damn it")
  • Najdu.db (pronounced "nye-do") - an all-Drabantian search engine, in translation "I will find.db"

A video site

Look, the office workers in your countries just need to have a website to go to, procrastinating watching endless cat fail compilations.

  • Playday - well the videos are so good, you'll want to watch them all day

Social networks

Before you go like "ugh who even uses facebook in 2016 anymore," remember there are soccer moms and lorry drivers in the OGF world too.

  • Friender - a facebook-ish thing
  • Beeper? Chirper (haa who else hated that b**** bird in Cities:Skylines)? - a twitter-ish thing
  • Snapdat! - yeah this one is not very original, but its teenage users are here for the dog filter and not the name, duhh
  • Blurda - "blurter," a place for anyone to blurt out their feelings and opinions in (real-life tumblr)

And also the most needed:

  • Tender. Timber. Tinner. - just whatever


  • Pokemon Go. I am not a player or a Pokemon fan so I just have no idea
  • Memes.

Write your ideas and suggestions!


Posted by eklas on 7 August 2016 in English (English)

Just a small sidenote- huge thanks to Azaz 0913 and Bstn for creating the railway line template. It's one of my favorite features on Wikipedia and I'm so glad we have it here now. Keep up the good work, gents!


Posted by eklas on 24 July 2016 in English (English)

As a few of you might have noticed, a new country, Drabantia (formerly UL108e), appeared on the map. Let me tell you something about my intentions with it.

Climate and geography

Drabantia is an underachiever in terms of geography. The highest mountain is going to be 1500 m tall at most, the lowest point the lake (I'll consent on that with the neighbouring countries.) The climate is going to be Kopper Dfb, again not breaking any records.


Drabantia is an underachiever in terms of population, too. The total inhabitant count is not going to reach 5,000,000 people. (Edit: It actually did, the final population I'm going for is 5,390,000.) The largest city will have 200,000 inhabitants at most (part because I don't like large, crowded cities and part because I'm lazy.)


While not the most wealthy country, Drabantia maintains a high standard of living.


Politics in Drabantia are boring. There is not much happening, the government is center-liberal and left-leaning since, like, 1850.

International relations

Drabantia is irrelevant and rarely gets to throw its 2¢ in on international level. However, that's also the reason it has never been threatened or invaded: because no one really cares about it.

The country is open to all international relations, though. Just message me if you want to trade embassies!

Resources and industry

Thanks to the government infiltrated by the Green Party, the few natural resources Drabantia has are rather unexploited. It's not like they're anything very valuable anyway: the major ones include granite, clay and glass sand.

Drabantia is an industrial country. If you don't mind the strict environmental rules, you can open a bussiness in there too: just message me (and wait till like, october, I'll have designed some industrial and retail areas by then hopefully).

Greatest achievements and inventions

The following are things Drabantians are proud of:

  • Contact lenses
  • Press freedom
  • Potato pies

The alternative motto of the country, by the way, is "Humble does it."


Check out Drabantia's page on OGWiki!

Check out Bum!, Drabantia's most popular lifestyle/humor magazine!

Oh, also: I'm currently away from my computer. Most of the changes will be done in ~ this fall.

Location: 8, okres Velboř, Egalský kraj, Drabantsko
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